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O.A.R. ( . . . Of A Revolution ) is a rock band whose short expanding career shows how artists can bypass the record industry in a World Without Secrets and go directly to the audience. Since 1997, without either significant radio play or major label backing, the band has sold over 50,000 copies of three records. Its most recent release, titled Risen, sold 13,000 copies, via Internet dealer CDBaby, in its first month of sales. Here s what members of the band said about their promotional techniques in an interview published in Performing Songwriter in June 2001:3
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meeting speci c activity targets, the focus is to spend less time sitting. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the far end of a parking lot, or making a walk a part of daily life does not require a great deal of effort, is doable, and does not reduce the focus on learning a food plan. After a couple of weeks of reducing sedentary behavior, the POINTS Activity System is introduced. In a way that complements the POINTS values of food, a formula that calculates the POINTS values for activity is used. The formula is based on body weight, the amount of time the activity is done, and the level of intensity. This method enables a person to do any exercise or activity that is enjoyable and ts within his or her lifestyle. It provides a exible approach to activity that is accurate in its estimation of the calories burned because it is based on the individual. As you have learned from this book, the recommended amounts of activity vary based on the desired goal of doing the exercise. Getting the health bene ts of exercise takes less time and effort than the amount recommended for weight loss. The amount of activity associated with maintaining a weight goal is even more. For this reason, the Weight Watchers program adjusts the recommended POINTS Target for activity as weight loss proceeds, beginning with the amount needed to gain health bene ts and progressing so that the recommended amount of activity for sustained weight loss is met at the time that the ultimate weight goal is achieved. One added feature of the POINTS Weight-Loss System is that POINTS values earned in activity can be swapped for additional food on a one-to-one basis.
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you live. The Supreme Court ruled, in Katz v. United States,8 that we have a reasonable expectation of privacy in our houses and, for that matter, where our persons are concerned: what a citizen . . . seeks to preserve as private, even in an area accessible to the public, may be constitutionally protected. So it s not legal, for example, for government agents to do an infrared scan on your house from the street outside and use the results of the scan to get a search warrant to look for a marijuana farm inside the house. Nor is it legal for government agents to somehow produce a scan of your face while you re inside your house and have your window shades drawn. On the street, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy for things like your face; it can be observed or scanned in a public place at any time. But it s a little trickier than that. It s not just about what you seek to preserve as private; it s about a reasonable expectation of privacy. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court took that distinction to the recent limit in August 2001, with its decision in Commonwealth v. Rekasie. Justice Ralph Cappy wrote for the majority: A telephone call received by or placed to another is readily subject to numerous means of intrusion at the other end of the call, all without the knowledge of the individual on the call. Extension telephones and speakerphones render it impossible for one to objectively and reasonably expect [my emphasis] that he or she will be free from intrusion. 9 So, in Pennsylvania, for the moment, no phone call can be considered private. The available technology makes it easy to listen in, so you ve got no reasonable expectation that anyone won t be listening, and therefore any government agent who wants to can. Justice Zappala said it clearly in his dissenting opinion: Today the majority holds that the Pennsylvania Constitution affords no protection against the government listening to, recording and reporting the details of our private telephone conversations. The boundaries are down. What can be done will be done, at least in Pennsylvania, at least for the moment. It all depends on what s reasonable, and what s reasonable changes, maybe quickly, because it s about what people think. It s reasonable, for example, to assume that anyone can wiretap any wireless communication at any time. Bits can be hacked, and wireless is just a stream of bits in the open air. Using the logic of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, it s therefore reasonable to assume that any government agent could wiretap any wireless communication, at any time, without a court order. Perhaps if a wireless communication were encrypted, one could argue that a reasonable expectation of privacy did in fact exist. Maybe not. Multiple government agencies worldwide have sought off icial authority to
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View from the Inside: NGEN Partners
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<xsl:template match="node()|@ " mode="decimal to hex" name="decimal to hex"> <xsl:param name="decimalNumber" select="number(.)" /> <xsl:if test="$decimalNumber > 16"> <xsl:call template name="decimal to hex"> <xsl:with param name="decimalNumber" select="floor($decimalNumber div 16)" /> </xsl:call template> </xsl:if> <xsl:value of select="...$decimalNumber mod 16..." /> </xsl:template>
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This book is aimed at people who already have some experience using XSLT. You should be familiar with most XSLT elements and XPath functions; understand the concepts of node trees, node sets, and result tree fragments; and know how to use various XSLT processors from the command line, within Internet Explorer, or using Cocoon. This Introduction gives you a whistle stop tour of XPath and XSLT that goes over the things that you should already know. You may want to read it simply to come to grips with the terminology that you'll see in the rest of the book, but it also provides pointers to the chapters that address particular issues. XPath BasicsXPaths lie at the heart of XSLT they're used to select and match nodes, to test conditions, and to calculate values. Getting comfortable with using XPaths enables you to take full advantage of XSLT and stands you in good stead with other XML based applications, such as XML Schema, XPointer and XQuery, which take advantage of them. I'll be using XPaths in various ways throughout this book. Here, I'm going to cover the basics. Meanwhile, a reference section in Appendix A covers them as well. Note The XPath Recommendation is available at if you want additional technical details.
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