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Applying Your Protocol Analyzer
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1. When a server first boots up, a message appears after the POST results stating 3 Logical Drives Found. The system is using a RAID 5 array with six 9GB drives. What does this message indicate A. Three of the drives have failed. B. The system is actually using RAID 1. C. The RAID array is configured into three separate logical containers. D. Only 27GB will be available to the OS. 2. The initial boot drive on an older SCSI bus should have what device ID A. 0 B. 1 C. 15 D. 7 3. A new server has just been installed. The server has built-in SCSI SCA connectors, and it has with four 18GB hard drives with 40-pin connectors. Has all the proper equipment been ordered for this server A. No, SCA requires 80-pin hard drives. B. Yes, all the proper equipment is present. C. No, an adapter cable will be needed. D. No, the hard drives will need termination.
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to discover what it does with a particular message, you'll need to know how to crack a switch statement. Luckily, that's not hard to do. The general process for cracking a switch statement is this: For each conditional jump, go to where the target code is. Immediately above the code, put a big bold comment that labels which case that code handles. This is especially helpful for decoding the switch statements that so often occur in window procedures. For each message that the code checks for, put the corresponding WM_xxx message name above the section of code that handles it. For example:
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