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While strategic alliances with larger companies offer many potential advantages, there are also risks associated with such arrangements. Companies should carefully consider several potential pitfalls to partnership. First, collaborations historically carry a high risk of failure.13 For example, the anticipated technology outcome might not be realized, integration of the start-ups technology might not go as planned, or the larger company might abandon the project for its own strategic reasons that have nothing to do with the project itself. If the deal collapses for any reason, the start-up could find itself with personnel, equipment, and facilities for which it no longer has capital to support. The perception of the start-up in the business and investment communities will also suffer. Outsiders will have many concerns about the loss of a larger partner and the company may encounter difficulty in raising additional capital and finding other corporate partners.
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Assertive Community Treatment
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The selection of a good partner is paramount to the partnership s success. Service providers need to select their strategic partners carefully keeping many factors in mind. Critical elements in the selection include services provided, overlap of services, service demand, and the time horizon. For example, partnerships can have a finite life and should be dissolved if they no longer benefit both organizations. Choosing partners wisely in areas where there is little overlap or competition will create a complementary team of professionals that can service large projects for any size client. Sometimes partners may offer some of the same services. This does not mean that those organizations should avoid partnering. The intended partnership may be narrow enough so that each company benefits from the other s highly trained workers in one specific area of expertise, while the other competitive services of the firms are excluded from the partnership. The goal is to create the best and brightest team possible to provide outstanding service to the client. Selecting the right partner will enable the professional services firm to field the best team to successfully complete the client s projects.
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One-group Post-test-only Design
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Password Observations
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Performance review Continuing education Monitoring
remain consistent with SmartMoney s survey, which looked primarily at actively managed funds, do not ll in performance numbers for index funds. Finally, a note on matching: If your employer offers a graded match, such as dollar for dollar on the rst 3 percent of the pay you contribute and 50 cents per dollar on the next 3 percent, skip lines 1 through 3 and complete lines 4 through 7. For each level of matching, use lines 4 and 5 to gure the percentage of your salary given to you. Then use the spaces in line 6 to enter the percentages for grades as necessary. For the remainder of the questions, simply ll in the information, adding points each time your 401(k) quali es.
The Computer Revolution
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