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Joint planning for developments
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Actuator Aircraft Devices (e.g., flaps, ailerons) Actuator
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Executive summary. Include a one- or two-page summary of your plan. Mission statement. state your purpose. Background. ence. Include one or two paragraphs that succinctly
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REWORK Fast-tracking s most predictable risk is rework, and SAFECO Field saw plenty. Since the schedule demanded that the structure s concrete be poured before the commercial tenants had designed their spaces, holes had to be cut through the concrete for many of the drain lines, water pipes, cables, and other service lines. When a huge air duct was installed after the fire sprinkler lines had been hung from the ceiling, the duct was blocked by some of the sprinkler lines. Brummond pointed this out as just one more example of the cost of building before completing design, then recorded it in a notebook he carried with him constantly. When they installed it, there was no way the people who put in that sprinkler line could know that vent would come through here. But now they have to move that line. SPECIAL EQUIPMENT To speed the schedule, four large tower cranes were placed at the four corners of the ballpark, allowing the exterior structure and the seating structures to be raised at the same time. This strategy cut as much as six months off the schedule, but the tower cranes were significantly more expensive than conventional track-mounted mobile cranes. Not every innovation was more expensive. Rather than building wooden forms for some of the stairs and other concrete structures in the stands, the construction team decided to pour the concrete over Styrofoam blocks. The Styrofoam is lighter weight, won t rot, and it takes a guy about five minutes to cut the blocks. It s a lot faster than plywood. The decision to fast-track a project is always a risky one, and it always comes down to one question: Which is more important, cost or schedule For the Seattle Mariners, moving to their new stadium immediately following the All-Star break in 1999 was the dominant factor. The construction team, architects, engineers, and the public agency overseeing construction of the ballpark all walked into this fast-track project with their eyes open, aware of the risks. In August 1998, halfway through the construction schedule, the budget for the stadium had been raised from $417 million to $498 million; this was due to many factors, including increased scope and underestimating the original job. But there is no denying that a portion of the budget increase was due to the pace of the work and the inevitable inefficiencies that came with it. When the stadium opened, on time, in July 1999, the final budget had been revised to $515 million. SAFECO Field has been filled ever since, with fans who love to watch baseball in this beautiful park.
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Description of Fields:
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The MRCP speaker verification resource (speakverify) provides speaker verification and identification functions to the MRCP client. Speaker verification is concerned with the problem of establishing that the speaker is the person they purport to be (their claimed identity is usually asserted via a customer code, pin number, caller-ID, etc.). A spoken utterance is compared to a previously stored voiceprint, associated with the claimed identity, to determine an accept/reject decision. Speaker identification deals with the problem of determining who is speaking from a set of known speakers. A recorded utterance is compared with a set of previously stored voiceprints to determine the identity of the person most likely to have spoken the utterance (or possibly a none-of-the-above ). From the standpoint of using the MRCP speaker verification resource, the speaker identification use-case can be considered multi-verification verifying against multiple voiceprints. We will therefore use the term verification loosely in this chapter also to mean identification. The MRCP speaker verification resource makes no distinction between text-dependent and textindependent modes of operation rather this is a decision for the application designer to take into account, given the capabilities of the particular resource being employed. See Section 2.3 for a general discussion on speaker verification and identification technologies. This chapter delves into the details of the MRCP speaker verification resource by studying the methods, events and header fields that apply to it. The speaker verification resource leverages the Natural Language Semantics Markup Language (NLSML) format for encapsulating verification and identification results see 10 for a review of NLSML.
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Explicit in the preceding sentence is the auditors representation that the audit examination has been conducted based not only on authoritative guidelines or rules as established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants but also on their professional judgment in the application of auditing procedures. As approved and adopted by the membership of the AICPA, generally accepted auditing standards are as follows:
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