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Talk about the Curse of the Pink Panther. Like many companies, Owens Corning, maker of that pink insulation you use in your home, made the matching contributions to its 401(k) plan in company stock. Nice perk. The problem: It didn t let employees reallocate the match into more diversi ed investments, leaving them unguarded when the stock started reeling more than two years ago. Due in part to billions of dollars of asbestos-related lawsuits, Owens Corning s stock fell 45 percent in 1999. In January 2000, the company let employees move just a portion of the match into other investments. Then, six days before it led for bankruptcy last October, employees were nally allowed to move the rest. By that time, though, the stock was trading for around $2 a share. Parker Lichtenstein, 56, a former Owens Corning research technician from Newark, Ohio, lost $250,000 in his 401(k) because he had so much tied up in company stock. It was completely disastrous, says Lichtenstein. Disastrous, indeed. Roy Diliberto, a Philadelphia nancial planner, has another word for when employees are forced to keep their matches in company stock: outrageous. Not only your career but your retirement is wrapped up in one single company, says Diliberto. About 30 percent of companies still match exclusively in company stock. What s worse: Two-thirds of those companies don t let you move that match into other investments until at least age 55. Bulking up on company stock goes against everything you ve heard about diversi cation. So why do companies do it David Wray, president of the Pro t Sharing/401(k) Council of America, says company stock builds a bond with the workforce. Um, okay. But that bond won t mean much when the stock starts sinking and you can t do anything about it. Here s another reason: Companies save money when they match in stock. Unlike a cash match, a stock match is not charged against the company s bottom line. For example, say a company gives a typical 3 percent match to its 5,000 employees, who make an average of $40,000. A cash match would produce a $3.6 million cash hit on its income statement (assuming every employee participates). A stock match would usually cost the company only a dilution in stock value. Thankfully, some companies that match in stock do let you move the stock into other fund options earlier. If that s the case, reallocate as soon as
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machines had broadcast their machine address. (ARP, the Address Resolution Protocol, is a method for finding a host s physical address from its IP address. Each host maintains a cache of address translations to reduce the delay in forwarding data packets.) So there were definitely other machines in the domain, but [they] weren t responding to pings which is a classic sign of a firewall. (For those not familiar with pinging, it s a network scanning technique that involves transmitting certain types of packets Internet Control Message Protocol, or ICMP to the target system to determine whether the host is alive or up. If the host is alive, it will respond with an ICMP echo reply packet.) Louis continues, This seemed to confirm our impression that there was another firewall, there was another layer of security between the 3COM device and their internal network. Louis was beginning to feel they had reached a dead end. We got access to this VPN device, but we couldn t set up our own VPN through it. At that point, the enthusiasm levels went down a little bit. We kind of started to get the feeling that we re not actually going to get any further into the network. And so we needed to brainstorm for ideas. They decided to investigate the IP addresses that they had discovered in the console log. We kind of saw that a next step was to have a look and see what was remotely communicating to this 3COM device, because if you could break into that device, you might be able to hijack an existing connection to the network. Or they might be able to obtain the necessary authentication credentials to masquerade as a legitimate user. They knew some of the filtering rules, Louis said, and were looking for ways of bypassing these rules on the firewall. His hope was that they d be able to find systems that were trusted and maybe had the leverage to actually pass through this firewall. The IP addresses that were coming up were of great interest to us. When they were connected to the 3COM system console, he explained, anytime a remote user connected or a configuration change was made, it flashed up an alert message at the bottom of the screen. We were able to see the connections going on in these IP addresses. The registration records detailed the organization that particular IP addresses were registered to. Additionally, these records also include the contact information for administrative and technical personnel responsible for the organization s network. Using these addresses, they again turned to the registration database records on RIPE, which gave them information on what company these IP addresses were assigned to.
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address (home address) and one temporary address (care-of address) if away from the home network. Thus, the IP packet exchange consists of the three mechanisms; namely, (1) discovering the care-of address, (2) registering the care-of address with the home agent, and (3) the home agent redirecting the received datagrams to the foreign network using care-of address. The mobile IP is not a wireless protocol, however, it could be employed for the IP infrastructure of the cellular networks. Several sources are available for a discussion on this important protocol, such as [8]. The Mobile IP Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) was formed in 1996. The group has spearheaded the effort to come up with draft standards and recommendations for IPv4 and IPv6. The Cellular IP (cIP) project at Columbia University ( will use Mobile IP to support migrations between Cellular IP Access Networks .
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think they re being spied on by the companies that sell it. How many such users will ever buy any commercial recording again, from that company or from any other How many such users will become active terrorists against the industry The recording industry might simply try persuading people that copying and distributing music is wrong, but I doubt that persuasion will work. The industry s relationships with artists and consumers are widely perceived as one-sided and unfair. When people think laws are unfair, they
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This WORD is the HTASK of the next task in the list of Winl6 tasks. The head of the list is given by the HeadTDB KRNL386 global variable (returned in the DX register after calling GetCurrentTask). The end of the list is indicated by a 0 in this field.
17: Enhancing XSLT slightly smaller stylesheet a difference which is likely to make little impact in isolation, but can add up to a lot less typing and less parsing for the XSLT processor if there is similar code throughout your stylesheet. Caution The one thing that does change when you switch between having an internal xsl:if for xsl:for each or a predicate on the match for xsl:apply templates is the position() of the processed node. Consider, for example, a transaction that's the fifth transaction overall, and the second credit transaction in the statement. If all the transactions are selected, the position() of the transaction is that within the list of all transactions it will have a position() of 5. On the other hand, if only credit transactions are selected, its position() will be within the list of credit transactions only it will have a position() of 2. Templates vs xsl:for each If you find yourself with xsl:for each constructs that contain conditional statements based on some property of the node under consideration, consider using an xsl:apply templates instead. This results in more modular code it makes it easy to add another condition later, and the same template can be used from elsewhere in your stylesheet. On the other hand, using an xsl:for each can be more efficient, because the processor doesn't have to search for a template that matches a selected node. For example, you could process the transactions with the following:
Cartigny et al. (2003)] are based on each node deciding its transmission radius so that all its neighbors in the selected structure are covered by existing transmissions. Some nodes may not transmit at all, when neighbor elimination-based techniques is applied (if a node discovers that all its neighbors in a selected structure are already covered by existing transmissions, it does not need to transmit at all). Consider an example in Figure 2.22, where MST is used as a sparse structure. A message from source S is sent with a radius equal to the furthest neighbor C in that structure. It is also received by A and B . Node A needs to cover the remaining neighbor D and thus chooses transmission radius |AD|. Node B similarly covers the node C by radius |BE |. Node D transmits with radius |DK |, which in turn covers C by radius |KC | (node K is not aware of transmission from node S already covering C ). Node E covers its neighbor F , while its neighbor F chooses a radius |FH | which is longest toward the remaining neighbors G, J and F in the structure. Node G does not need to retransmit since all its neighbors are covered by existing transmissions, like the one from F (neighbor elimination applied). Finally, node H covers neighbor I . Leaf nodes do not retransmit. To make an algorithm localized, MST is replaced by RNG in Cartigny et al. (2003) (algorithm RBOP), and by LMST Cartigny et al. (2005) (algorithm localized broadcast oriented protocol (LBOP)). RNG structure, when replacing MST, leads to about twice more energy, while an LMST structure has about 50% additional energy. Relatively few additional edges in LMST prove to be costly with respect to energy since they are long edges. For large c with respect to (in power metric r + c), many transmissions over short edges become energy expensive due to multiples of c. A single larger circle centered at a node, covering many one-hop neighbors which are not neighbors in a selected sparse structure, may be preferred. Large radius is also power expensive. Therefore, one can expect a trade-off in the size of covering circles. In Ingelrest et al. (2006b), it is shown that if a node decides to retransmit, the optimal transmission radius should be about (2 c/( 2))1/ , increased if necessary to preserve the desired connectivity. The formula was derived by
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