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The only way around this situation with XSLT 1.0 is to create a dummy attribute in the namespace. Creating the attribute forces the XSLT processor to create a namespace node for the attribute's namespace, and thus a namespace declaration that will enable people using the result to resolve the qualified name in the type attribute. You can create this attribute with the following:
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Siemens Innovation Report. 2008. IBM and Siemens Work Together to Deliver Medical Imaging Management Systems for Healthcare Industry Over 150 Petabytes of Medical Images Are Created Annually Worldwide. http://www. M. Martin. 2002. Supersize IT: From Megabytes to Petabytes: Scienti c Research, Particularly in Astronomy and Biology, Is Very Data-Intensive. R. Godomski. 2004. The incredible shrinking petabyte: how compression technologies are helping store more data in less space, Computer Technology Review, June 1 (also at http://
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Idiocy in the Telcos (Spring, 2002) By The Cheshire Catalyst
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Having covered 32-bit heaps, we now have enough background information to look at the mysteriously growing FreeSystemResources issue. I say mysterious, because the average FreeSystemResource number seems to have jumped in Windows 95, although under the hood there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. We'll look at free system resources early on in this chapter, since to most nonprogrammers, the "free system resources" are the only notion they have of USER and GDI. If the free system resources go up, it must be good, right Not so fast! The free system resource number is really just a fancy term for the amount of memory left in various systems heaps, specified as a percentage. In Windows 3.1, the free system resources was the smallest value of several percentages. The percentages in question were the amount of free space in the USER DGROUP heap, the USER menu heap, the USER string heap (which is apparently gone or not important in Windows 95), and the GDI DGROUP heap. Out of those heaps, the heap with the smallest percentage free became the free system resources. In Windows 95, the calculation for FreeSystemResources starts out on a somewhat similar track, but toward the end it takes an unexpected turn. In a nutshell, the FreeSystemResources in Windows 95 starts out looking like it's the lowest percentage free among five separate heaps: 1) The USER 16-bit DGROUP heap 2) The 32-bit window heap 3) The 32-bit menu heap 4) The 16-bit GDI heap 5) The 32-bit GDI heap Since the three 32-bit heaps are all 2MB in size, their percentage free is usually a ridiculously high value, like 99 percent. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, they don't count toward the free system resource calculation. That leaves only the 16-bit USER and GDI DGROUP heaps. Whichever one has the smaller percentage will dictate the free system resource percentage. Since there's still quite a few items floating around in the USER and GDI DGROUPs, they shouldn't have values anywhere near 96 percent free (which is a typical value you might see in the Explorer About box after you first start Windows 95).
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<xsl:template name="insert address"> <xsl:param name="lines" select="/.." /> <xsl:param name="city" select="''" /> <xsl:param name="postcode" select="''" /> <address> <xsl:for each select="$lines"> <xsl:value of select="." />,<br /> </xsl:for each> <xsl:value of select="$city" /><br /> <xsl:value of select="$postcode" /> </address> </xsl:template>
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