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Hayes, R. B., Devereaux, P. J., & Guyatt, G. H. (2002). Physicians and patients choices in evidence-based practice. British Medical Journal, 324, 1350. Hughes, C. W., Emslie, G. J., Crismon, M. L., Wagner, K. D., Birmaher, B., Geller, B., et al. (1999). The Texas Children s Medication Algorithm Project: Report of the Texas consensus conference panel on medication treatment of childhood major depressive disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 38, 1442 1454. Institute of Medicine. (1990). In M. J. Field & K. N. Lohr (Eds.), Clinical practice guidelines: Directions of a new program. Washington, DC: National Academy Press. Institute of Medicine. (2001). Crossing the quality chasm: A new health system for the 21st century. Washington, DC: National Academy Press. Kashner, M. T., Rush, J. A., & Altshuler, K. Z. (1999, September). Measuring costs of guidelinedriven mental health care: The Texas Medication Algorithm Project. Journal of Mental Health Policy Economics, 2(3), 111 121. Kosecoff, J., Kanouse, D. E., Rogers, W. H., McCloskey, L., Winslow, C. M., & Brook, R. H. (1987). Effects of the National Institutes of Health consensus development program on physician practice. Journal of American Medical Association, 258, 2708 2713. Lomas, J. (1991). Words without action The production, dissemination, and impact of consensus recommendations. Annual Review of Public Health, 12, 41 65. Lomas, J., Anderson, G. M., Domnick-Pierre, K., Vayda, E., Enkin, M. W., & Hannah, W. J. (1989). Do practice guidelines practice The effect of a consensus statement on the practice of physicians. New England Journal of Medicine, 321, 1306 1311. March, J. S., Frances, A., Kahn, D. A., & Carpenter, D. (Eds.). (1997). The expert consensus guideline series: Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 58(Suppl. 4). Marshall, R. D., & Schneier, F. R. (1996). An algorithm for the pharmacotherapy of social phobia. Psychiatric Annals, 26(4), 210 216. McEvoy, J. P., Scheifler, P. L., & Frances, A. (Eds.). (1999). The expert consensus guideline series: Treatment of schizophrenia 1999. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 60(Suppl. 11). Mellman, T. A., Miller, A. L., Weissman, E. M., Crismon, M. L., Essock, S. M., & Marder, S. R. (2001). Evidence-based pharmacologic treatment for people with severe mental illness: A focus on guidelines and algorithms. Psychiatric Services, 52, 619 625. Mikkelsen, E. J., & McKenna, L. (1999). Psychopharmacologic algorithms for adults with developmental disabilities and difficult-to-diagnose behavioral disorders. Psychiatric Annals, 29(5), 302 314. Miller, A. L., Chiles, J. A., Chiles, J. K., Crismon, M. L., Shon, S. P., & Rush, A. J. (1999). The Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) schizophrenia algorithms. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 60, 649 657. Milner, K., & Valenstein, M. (2002). A Comparison of Guidelines for the Treatment of Schizophrenia. Psychiatric Services, 53, 888 890. Mulsant, B. H., Alexopoulos, G. S., Reynolds, C. F., III, Katz, I. R., Abrams, R., Oslin, D., et al. (2001). Pharmacological treatment of depression in older primary care patients: The PROSPECT algorithm [International]. Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 16, 585 592. National Guideline Clearinghouse. Retrieved May 24, 2004, from
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1.1 This Standard includes disclosure requirements about financial instruments and their associated risks, including The significance of financial instruments for the entity s financial position and performance, including certain specified information about Balance sheet items Income statement and equity items Accounting policies Hedge accounting Fair value The nature and extent of risks arising from financial instruments to which the entity is exposed, including Qualitative disclosures Quantitative disclosures (credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk) 1.2 The purpose of IFRS 7 is to require entities to provide disclosures in their financial statements that enable users to evaluate, first, the significance of financial instruments for the entity s financial position and performance, and, second, the nature and extent of risks arising from financial instruments to which the entity is exposed, and how the entity manages those risks. 1.3 The disclosure requirements in IFRS 7 complement the recognition, measurement, and presentation requirements for financial instruments in IAS 32, Financial Instruments: Presentation, and IAS 39, Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement. 1.4 IFRS 7 is effective for annual periods beginning on or after January 1, 2007. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) encourages entities to apply the Standard early. IFRS 7 includes some of the disclosure requirements that were previously in IAS 30, Disclosures in the Financial Statements of Banks and Similar Financial Institutions, and IAS 32, Financial Instruments: Disclosure and Presentation. The remaining disclosure requirements that were in IAS 30 and IAS 32 are replaced by those in IFRS 7. Therefore, IAS 30 will cease to apply when IFRS 7 becomes effective. Additionally, IASB is shortening the title of IAS 32 to Financial Instruments: Presentation to reflect the relocation of its disclosure requirements to IFRS 7. IASB also has added disclosure requirements regarding an entity s capital to IAS 1, Presentation of Financial Statements. 2. SCOPE
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When a parent gets older, he or she may have to move to an assisted-living facility or a rest home. There are options, and one of them is to rent out the home to assist with the expenses and avoid tax liabilities. To understand these implications, you need to seek the advice of your tax professional. Keeping the home also keeps the inheritance intact and may provide funds for emergencies that are not covered in some other manner. If the house has never been a rental, you may need some time to remove all of the belongings that have been accumulated over many years. Quite often, the home has not been updated for several years and will need quite a bit of work. Hire a professional to tell you what needs to be done to get the property ready and to give you an estimate of rental value for expense planning. Being prepared is important, as this is usually a very emotional time for your mother and/or father. If
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TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
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(COTS), while others are homegrown, but all of them house valuable enterprise data and business logic. The services that are made available through an SOA leverage these existing investments and uncover new opportunities for utilizing these assets within a larger enterprise context.  Enterprise components. Sitting atop the operational resources is a layer of enterprise components. Enterprise components typically employ container-based technologies such as CORBA, EJB, COM, DCOM, .NET, and the like. These assets are responsible for managing custom business logic and interfacing with the operational resource layer to carry out this logic. Additionally, they support the scalability and quality-of-service requirements of the services exposed in the layer above. A service s ability to support contracted SLAs is based on how well designed the enterprise component layer is that supports the service.  Services. Capabilities from the enterprise component layer are selectively identi ed as services. The analysis, design, and development of these services is then funded and the services are deployed in order to expose these capabilities through well-de ned interfaces. Service descriptions, quality-of-service (QoS) SLAs, and other key service metadata are also de ned to accompany these important SOA assets.  Business processes. Individual services provide incremental value for an organization but will likely never transform the way business gets done. Business processes, however, represent powerful orchestrations of one or more services that solve a business problem. Services are bundled together into a logical ow (described as orchestration or choreography) to solve some sort of end-to-end business problem. For example, one service might provide access into the purchase order mechanism for an ERP system and another provide access into customer account capabilities within the CRM system, but a business process could lump these services and perhaps others together in order to complete an order ful llment request.
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5.2.3 Geocasting Based on Depth-First Search Traversal of Face Tree
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EXHIBIT 12.15 Accounts Cash Accounts receivable Inventory Property and equipment Cost of sales SG&A expense Tax provision Totals Accounts payable Notes payable Common stock Retained earnings Translation adjustment Sales Totals Trial Balance in FC and translated US$ at December 31, 2002. FC $ 200 100 300 2,000 600 100 120 $3,420 $ 400 1,020 1,000 0 0 1,000 $3,420 0.66 0.66 0.58 Exchange Rates $0.66 0.66 0.66 0.66 0.62 0.62 0.62 U.S.$ $ 132 66 198 1,320 372 62 74 $2,224 $ 264 673 580 0 87 620 $2,224
598 Making Key Strategic Decisions
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