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Proactive Troubleshooting of STP
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processor = getProcessorFromFiles('statement.xml', 'statement.xsl'); if (processor) { outputDOM = new ActiveXObject('Msxml2.DOMDocument'); processor.output = outputDOM; try { processor.transform(); ... } catch (exception) { alert('Error transforming XML:\n' + exception.description); } }
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Appraisals are the mile markers along the career track laid out by the firm. They serve as a forum for helping staff improve by providing a formal feedback mechanism, and a formal venue for promoting staff. A rigorous appraisal process is also a good discipline for the firm as a whole, sending the message that staff performance is important and that there is accountability for performance at all levels. To get the most value out of the appraisal process, it must be taken seriously by the firm, the appraisers, and the appraisees. The very best firms have welldefined processes for executing staff appraisals and invest immense internal effort at all levels to complete comprehensive reviews every year. While appraisals within a given firm may take many different forms, in general, they are working to accomplish several things: Determine whether professionals being evaluated have the skills, capabilities, and knowledge to do their current job well. Determine whether professionals have the skills, capabilities, and knowledge to advance to the next level. Identify, inventory, and plan around any gaps that need to be addressed. Provide a formal process for documenting and revisiting these issues. Celebrate achievement and recognition through a formal process (promotions are usually, but not necessarily, linked to appraisals).
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9.12. Coordinated Actuator Movement for Energy-Ef cient Sensor Reporting
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Results logs show both actual and expected results. Results logs show whether a verification point passed. Users can easily develop their own database queries and present the results in charts or reports. As the test is developed, English-like documentation is automatically produced and maintained. There is no need for a separate documentation step. All test assets can be exported from the database into a text file or other format for integration with other tools. The user can extend the capability of the tool to automate custom and thirdparty controls. Refers to the test management capability and to the ability to add data elements as text, combo-box, checkbox, etc. This allows the user to customize the information that is captured and reported so that it conforms to the user s internal processes and terminology. Single or multiple requirements can be traced to a single or many tests. It means you can pass the names of these components as variables to allow the test data to control the flow and content of test execution.
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like to ddle with software while they re learning about a procedure that can make use of such software, and some people nd it a distraction.)
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Entities implementing SAP (whether they are in the privately held, publicly traded, federal government, public, or not-for-profit sector) will have a variety of reasons for documenting SAP test results. The reasons for documenting test results may be either imposed on the entity implementing SAP due to regulations for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, part of a corporate approach and standard for implementing information technology such as the discipline offered by the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), or as a means of measuring and verifying the system integrator s completion rates for the execution of test cases. The following are some reasons that companies and entities in different fields will need to document SAP test results:
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Layered Architecture
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