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extra digits added. They did this and that very day our old code was inactivated. The illegal calls had occurred before that day, and we figure Skyline must have known this. Maybe they thought that 2600, in our corporate clumsiness, would pay a huge bill without investigation. Many big companies would. Gotta give them credit for trying. When we called up about it, they didn t want to handle it over the phone! Send the bill through the mail, they said. Mark the calls you made and deduct the rest. Why are phone companies so afraid to do things over the phone As long as Skyline decided to give the perpetrators some extra time before the investigation starts, we figure we might as well lend a hand too. Our old code was 880099. We loved that code and are very upset at losing it. Our new eight-digit one is very difficult to remember and nowhere near as fun. And one last note about those new eight-digit numbers. Phone phreaks have already figured out a way around them. If you dial the first six digits of an eight-digit code, then the ten-digit phone number and hit a # key, you ll get your tone back! That means there are only a hundred possible codes since there are only two more digits to figure out and one of them definitely works! If you enter six digits that are not part of an eight-digit code, and then a ten-digit phone number, you ll get an error message immediately or that fake carrier tone Skyline loves to send out. That tone, incidentally, is for you hackers with Apples and Commodores that scan all night long looking for the code that will get you through to a number that responds with a carrier tone. In the morning, you see how many carrier detects you got and which codes got them for you. Skyline s idea is that if every invalid code gives a hacker a carrier tone, there is no way for a computer to separate the good codes from the bad ones. Come on! How about setting your computer to dial a non-carrier and telling it to print out only those codes that didn t get a carrier tone And there are probably a hundred more ways. Big corporations can be so much fun.
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Coarse granular (bigger class size)
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Budget Status
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Remember to keep your personal income and expenses completely separate. When you open a separate checking account, order a different style or color from your personal checks. I recommend that you order the larger-style checks and include the name of the business, the name of the building, or at minimum the property address. If you are using a computer to print your checks, these larger checks are very convenient. If you are doing things manually, order checks in duplicate so that when you are away from your home office and write a check, you will remember to update your records. Always keep those documents and your receipts with your check records. If you plan to charge expenses for your property, obtain a separate credit card that you dedicate to the building. If you prefer not to add an additional credit card, keep a separate envelope with your credit card purchases. Write the property address and what you purchased on your copy of the charge if it is not already evident. Keep these receipts in the envelope that is clearly marked for that property. Each month, when your credit card invoices arrive, match the receipts with that statement. If you own several properties, it is important to keep records separate, so that you know where each building stands with negative or positive cash flow. Also when it comes time to sell, you want to have your records in detailed order for a smooth and easier transaction. You can check with your accountant to see whether he or she has forms that you can use or can recommend for a manual system. Also try your local office supply store and check out all the different forms it offers.
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When you're examining module-database-related functions, GetModuleHandle is a good function to look at first. That's because it demonstrates some of the most important module concepts but doesn't require huge amounts of pseudocode to do so. GetModuleHandle is documented as accepting the name of a module in memory, and returning the global heap handle of the module's database segment (that is, its HMODULE). However, the documentation is unclear on exactly what the module name means. Does it mean the actual module name (the first entry in the module's resident names table), or does it mean the name of the module's filename Also, as you'll see in the pseudocode that follows, the documentation leaves out some other goodies in GetModuleHandle's behavior. The GetModuleHandle code starts out with the parameter-validation layer code. The code tests the single parameter to ensure that it's a valid string pointer. If not, the debug version RIPs with a code of 0x700A (ERR_BAD_STRING_PTR), and the function returns to the caller. If the string parameter test succeeds, the code jumps to the IGetModuleHandle code (leaving the string parameter on the stack).
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Table 5.4
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// can skip the linear search through all the function names that comes // later. if ( numNamesMinusl >= hintNameOrdinal )
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Truss Plate Systems
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Reserved, hold back [2 [1 till they re introduced
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Notice that the relationship between ITEM ISSUANCE and SHIPMENT ITEM is optional because items may be issued from inventory for other reasons other than from shipments. For instance, an item may be issued for use within the enterprise at the same location that the inventory is stored. Table 5.9 provides examples of item issuances. Shipment ID #9000 represents a customer shipment of three items. A thousand Jones #2 pencils are needed, and item issuance #12900 issues these 1,000 items out of inventory. For the second item, 1,000 Goldstein Elite pens, only 800 were available in the inventory location. A replenishment was expected soon, so the other 200 were issued out of inventory shortly afterward to accommodate the shipment item. This illustrates that multiple ITEM ISSUANCES may be associated with a SHIPMENT ITEM. The last two rows in the table show a similar circumstance of two item issuances for the same shipment item, only in this case the items are packaged in separate packages.
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