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Posttreatment Recovery Management
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Whether considering STP or some other protocol, the most fundamental axiom of troubleshooting is that a proactive approach is best. Design your network with a goal that it won't fail, but also assume that the network will fail at times and monitor it to watch for impending problems. One proactive step you can take is to make sure your network design is simple, layered, redundant, and hierarchical. Figure 5.11 shows a hierarchical, layered design that is redundant but also simple.
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In the second element of the design portion are the actual processes that will be followed in the production of the project design. This element might include the makeup of the design team (see later section), the meeting schedule, and design tools to be used (e.g., a Gantt chart, flowcharts, prioritization chart or process).
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Introduction Next to electronic mail and the World Wide Web, Usenet news is the most
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j Directed Tree
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For the exam, if a new or upgraded device is not initially recognized by the system, the BIOS or firmware most likely needs to be upgraded to support the new device.
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plate xed to the oor deck, the outer 1200 mm of which is used as a horizontal beam connected to the joists by a designed nailing pattern, and then to the edge or header joist. As roof panel and oor deck are stressed, openings for roof lights and stairs must be carefully designed. The method could be used with engineered I beam oors which, because of the longer spans available would provide an excellent oor deck diaphragm.
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The cfSocket ActiveX DLL
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The Early Days of the Net
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BASIC ELEMENTS Most of the elements of an OWL ontology concern classes, properties, instances of classes, and relationships between these instances. This section presents the language components essential to introducing these elements. Syntax The OWL builds on RDF and RDFS and uses RDFs XML-based syntax. However, because RDF syntax is not very readable, other syntactic forms for OWL have also been proposed: an XML-base syntax that does not follow RDF, an abstract syntax, and a graphical syntax based upon UML (Universal Modeling Language). Header An OWL document contains an OWL ontology and is an RDF document with elements, tags, and namespaces. An OWL document starts with a header that identi es the root element as an rdf:RDF element, which also speci es a number of namespaces. Then the document de nes properties and classes as shown in Table 6-1. OWL Namespace and Ontology Elements After the OWL header, the document includes the de nitions for classes and properties of the ontology. The OWL classes de ne entities through properties. An OWL ontology begins with assertions grouped under the owl:Ontology element. This section could also include import statements. The element
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