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Social Engineers How They Work and How to Stop Them
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Figure 5.8: A simple network with three bridges. Suppose that Bridge B in Figure 5.8 boots first and starts sending BPDUs announcing itself as the Root Bridge. A few minutes later, Bridge C boots and declares that it is the Root Bridge. When messages from Bridge C arrive at Bridge B, Bridge B discards them because Bridge B has a lower Root Bridge ID saved. (It has its own Bridge ID saved as the identity of the root.) Within a few seconds, Bridge C learns that it cannot be the root and gives up the job to Bridge B. Now, suppose Bridge A boots. Bridge A declares itself to be the root. As soon as Bridge A's BPDUs arrive at Bridge B and Bridge C, these bridges agree that Bridge A should be the root. Note that all the bridges are set to the default bridge priority (0x8000 or decimal 32,768), so it is the lowest MAC address that wins. Bridge A's MAC address is 00 00 0C AA AA AA, which is quite low and, in fact, is lower than the other bridges. If Bridge A happened to be the slowest bridge on your network, you could make sure that it did not win the root contest by increasing its default priority. Remember, it's the lowest ID that wins. In the logic of STP, low means better.
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concepts are identi ed rst and then generalized into more abstract concepts; and a middle-out approach, in which the most important concepts are identi ed rst and then generalized and specialized into other concepts. Methontology was created in the Arti cial Intelligence Lab from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). It was designed to build ontologies either from scratch, reusing other ontologies as they are, or by a process of reengineering them. The Methontology framework enables the construction of ontologies at the knowledge level. It includes the identi cation of the ontology development process, a life cycle based on evolving prototypes, and particular techniques to carry out each activity. The ontology development process identi es which tasks should be performed when building ontologies (scheduling, control, quality assurance, speci cation, knowledge acquisition, conceptualization, integration, formalization, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, documentation, and con guration management). The life cycle identi es the stages through which the ontology passes during its lifetime, as well as the interdependencies with the life cycle of other ontologies. Finally, the methodology speci es the techniques used in each activity, the products that each activity outputs, and how they have to be evaluated. The main phase in the ontology development process using the Methontology approach is the conceptualization phase. By comparison, the On-To-Knowledge methodology includes the identi cation of goals that should be achieved by knowledge management tools and is based on an analysis of usage scenarios. The steps proposed by the methodology are kickoff: where ontology requirements are captured and speci ed, competency questions are identi ed, potentially reusable ontologies are studied, and a rst draft version of the ontology is built; re nement: where a mature and application oriented ontology is produced; evaluation: where the requirements and competency questions are checked, and the ontology is tested in the application environment; and nally ontology maintenance.
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-- Name specified If Len(szHostName) = 0 Then If Len(szDotAddr) = 0 Then -- Neither type of address specified. Error out. Err.Raise vbObjectError + ERR_NOADDRESS, App.EXEName, _ The server s host name or dot address was not _ specified when trying to connect. Exit Sub Else szAddress = szDotAddr End If Else szAddress = szHostName End If -- Port specified If ServerPort = 0 Then -- No port specified. Error out. Err.Raise vbObjectError + ERR_NOPORT, App.EXEName, _ The server s port was not specified when trying to connect. Exit Sub End If -- Attempt to connect. If Socket1.SocketConnect(ServerPort, szAddress, (CommandTimeout)) Then Err.Raise vbObjectError + ERR_WINSOCK, App.EXEName, _ Winsock Error & Str$(Err) & : & Error Exit Sub End If -- Verify the username and password. The server may or may not be using security. If not, then any values are accepted. Data.Resize 1, 2 Data.DataSet(1, 1) = UserName Data.DataSet(1, 2) = Password SendCommand LOGIN qr code scanning
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An in-depth investigation and expansive vision of the wireless aspect is found in the book The Intelligent Wireless Web, by H. Peter Alesso and Craig F. Smith (Addison Wesley, 2002) and the associated Web site (The Intelligent Wireless Web at One of the early aims of the site was to stimulate discussion and solicit input on developing a Web Performance Index (amusing called the Web IQ) for evaluating the relative performance of intelligent applications over the Web. The site currently provides considerable overview and background material on the subject. A more popularized approach to the subject is found in the book Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the In nite Internet, by Alex Lightman (Wiley, 2002). The subject grows inevitably hotter as more intelligent devices proliferate. Tracking the Physical With pervasive connectivity supporting networks and embedded devices, many contexts can bene t from more intelligent tracking solutions. We have long had real-time tracking of vehicles and shipments bar codes were invented to track rolling stock on railway lines, after all, long before Web interfaces enabled any customer to track the status and location of that latest online order. These simple bar code labels and badges are in many contexts being replaced by tags with embedded storage and functionality, often as microchips powered by induction for readout or con guration at strategic locations. Smart transponder tags (RFID) seem likely to ll a central role linking the physical and the virtual, as a physical aspect of an entire distributed application. Bit 11.3 To function intelligently in the real world, the network must identify and locate real objects, uniquely, and reliably In conjunction with IPv6 and the vastly more unique Internet addresses, RFID tags provide the glue to connect model and physical world through transponder identi cation and location. Part of the functionality is embedding local information about the object that is tagged whether device or building, permanent or updated. It need not be very much information that is stored in the tag itself, although one of the attractions of RFID in many contexts is the exible ability to store (and update) more data than corresponding 13-digit bar codes.
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Install sprinkler system Identify sprinkler 1 locations Dig trenches 5, 11 Install pipe and 6 hardware Cover sprinkler system 7 Plant grass Remove debris Prepare soil Plant lawn seed Plant shrubs Build fence Acquire fence material Install fence Mark fence line 10, 3 8 10, 1 1 1
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