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The second field (pK32Object) is a pointer to one of the 17 possible types of KERNEL32 objects that I described earlier in the "KERNEL32 Objects" section. The first DWORD is access control flags for that object. The meaning of the flags depends on what type of object the entry points to. For instance, if the entry points to a process object (K32OBJ_PROCESS), the flags are the PROCESS_xxx flags from WINNT. H (PROCESS_TERMNATE, PROCESS_VM_READ, and so forth). At this point, you might be suspecting what a handle value represents. If you're guessing that the value of a handle is an index into the process handle table, you're right. Once you know that, you can easily match up a handle value with the type of KERNEL32 object that it refers to. An unused handle table entry is filled with O's in both DWORDs. When allocating a new handle, KERNEL32 uses the index of the first empty slot in the table. Although browsing through a process handle table isn't suggested programming practice, the WIN32WLK program provides this capability. When using Win32Wlk, note the number and type of handles used by KERNEL32.
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Over the past few years, UNIX and VMS shell accounts have been slowly phased out in favor of SLIP and PPP dialup connections. The advantage of this type of dialup protocol was that the Internet and its resources were now within reach of novice Windows and Macintosh users. The downside of this, however, was that many of these users didn t understand how the Internet worked and were ignorant of the dangers posed by sending confidential and private data over their connections. The introduction of cable modems and WebTV has created a whole new breed of novice Internet users who no longer need to know how to set up a modem connection and, in a lot of cases, no longer even need to know how to use a computer. This trend is pushing the commercialization of the Internet and most companies and ISPs seem to be more interested in making a profit than making sure a secure and reliable service is being released. Of all the security issues at hand today, the hottest topic right now seems to be the ability for malicious hackers to take advantage of problems with TCP/IP and sniff network traffic going over the Internet and corporate Intranets. Companies such as Netscape Communications Corporation and Open Market, Inc. are pushing secure commerce servers so conducting transactions over the Internet and corporate Intranets can be safe and secure. The problem with this approach is that only transactions via SSL equipped WWW browsers can take advantage of this security. Most other forms of connections are left unsecured because not all clients are capable of SSL or encryption. Another problem is that these extreme novice Internet users don t understand what sniffing is and don t know why they should only use SSL equipped WWW browsers to conduct transactions and send confidential data over the Internet. In the past, the risk of someone sniffing Internet data was relatively low. In order for a sniffer to be successfully set up, a key gateway machine sitting in between the client and server had to be compromised and superuser access had to be attained. Once superuser access was attained, the intruder had to hide their tracks from the system administrators and find a way to silently retrieve sniffer logs from that compromised host. Usually, these gateway machines were UNIX based and vast amounts of knowledge about the UNIX operating system were required to keep oneself hidden. The routing used by cable modems in this area (Zenith HOME*Works Universal transceivers), however, completely bypasses the need to compromise a gateway machine in order to sniff. Each cable modem network interface (NI) acts as an Ethernet transceiver and directly connects each cable modem user s machine to the Internet via 10BaseT. Because of this, each machine a cable modem user has connected to the Internet is considered a local node on whatever subnet has been assigned to that user s geographical area. This trend was first noticed when the cable modem NI was installed and powered up at this site. The TX, RX, and NET-ACTIVE status LEDs had immediately lit up and started reporting network traffic even though the cable modem NI had not yet been
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James S. Gerson, J. Robert Mooney, Donald F. Moran, and Robert K. Waters, Oversight of the Financial Reporting Process Part I, CPA Journal 59, No. 7 (July 1989), p. 28. 7 James S. Gerson, J. Robert Mooney, Donald F. Moran, and Robert K. Waters, Oversight of the Financial Reporting Process Part II, CPA Journal 59, No. 8 (August 1989), p. 40. A study on the association between audit committee formation and the quality of accounting earnings found a significant increase in the market s reaction to earnings reports subsequent to the formation of the audit committee (p. 1). See John J. Wild, The Audit Committee and Earnings Quality, Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance 11, No. 2 (Spring 1996), pp. 247 276. Also, the reader should visit the AICPA s SEC Practice Section web site at www.aicpa.org/members/div/secps/index.htm for the Practice Alert 2000-2, Quality of Accounting Principles-Guidance for Discussions with Audit Committees. 8 Securities and Exchange Commission, Release No. 33-8183, Strengthening the Commission s Requirements Regarding Auditor Independence, January 28, 2003, www.sec.gov/rules/final/338183.htm, p. 3.
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Determining the toxicity of nanomaterials generally involves four steps. First, studies must be conducted to determine the amount of exposure to a substance that causes harm. Epidemiological studies, which use statistical methods in an attempt to quantifiably link a specific factor to a disease that appears within a selected population, can be used. Because such studies are generally unavailable for new chemicals, scientists usually experiment on animals to determine toxicity.26 Second, when animal studies are used, the dose at which the substances resulted in adverse health effects on animals must be converted to an estimate of the amount of exposure that will cause harmful effects in humans.27 Third, the level of potential human exposure to the nanomaterials must be estimated.28 Finally, the dose at which the nanomaterials present a low level of risk must be compared to the estimated exposure dose.29
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To give your xed-income portfolio a little more spark, consider convertible bonds, which typically pay yields nearly as high as corporate bonds but can be converted into company stock. When the stock market is down, these instruments trade like bonds, but if there s a stock rally they can take off, enjoying
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Introduction to Multifamily Ownership
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Project management, alluded to earlier, is a process borrowed from the manufacturing industry that can be used in behavioral health. Project management refers to a variety of techniques that are used to ensure that a project is completed along expected guidelines and within an acceptable and expected budget. It is, in brief, doing the right things in the right way to get the project accomplished (paraphrased from Burlton, 2001). The importance of a project manager was explained in 12. The project manager s responsibilities are to ensure the completion of the project along the guidelines indicated. The project manager needs to have the authority to get these tasks accomplished along these same guidelines. The project manager also needs to have the skills as well as personal characteristics to get the tasks accomplished by the members of his or her team. Further, the project manager needs to have the confidence that he or she can get the task accomplished. One of the tasks of the project manager is to resolve any political or crossorganizational conflicts that might occur and that might hamper the completion of the project. Within the behavioral healthcare organization, this role is especially important given the grant-based organization features that remain in many agencies. One of the tasks of this role, therefore, is to gain acceptance for the plan once it is developed. The project manager can be assisted in this process by the project champion. The role of project champion specifically is to assist in the clearing of roadblocks for the project and the smoothing of political frictions. The project champion must continually in the tribal or silo-based behavioral healthcare agency or large practice defer to the good of the agency/practice as a whole and must work to refocus any tribal or silo alliances to the greater good of the larger agency/practice.
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Configuration Controls
#de ne NELEMS 10 shared [ NELEMS] int A [ NELEMS*THREADS] ; shared [ NELEMS] int B [ NELEMS*THREADS] ; / /Initialize A. upc_barrier; upc_all_broadcast(B, &A [ 3], sizeof(int)*2, UPC_IN_NOSYNC j UPC_OUT_NOSYNC) ; upc_barrier; 4.2.2 upc_all_scatter Function
strength or endurance (Meeuwsen et al. 2002a,b). Although there are no ef cacy (performance enhancement) studies in athletes with any of these four drugs, there are reports of athletes using them for their potential bene ts. Given that these drugs have limited therapeutic indications at this time, it is understandable to place them on the prohibited list. Hormones and related substances This category of drugs is perhaps the most dif cult to de ne, and testing is problematic. The body naturally produces all of the drugs in this section and all have legitimate therapeutic indications for often life-threatening conditions. This creates a great deal of dif cultly, not only in detection, but in sanctions and appeals. As the detection of synthetic agents, such as AAS, improves, this area continues to present a major challenge to doping control. The drugs in this category are all peptide and glycopeptide hormones, and with one exception, must be taken parenterally to be effective. erythropoietin and darbepoetin alfa Recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) is perhaps the most abused drug available to the athlete (Catlin et al. 2006). Natural EPO is produced by the kidneys in response to changes in oxygen tension. It stimulates the formation of proerythroblasts and reticulocyte release from the bone marrow and increases red blood cell mass. The release of rHuEPO in 1987 as a pharmaceutical has led to very signi cant and tremendous advances in the treatment of anemia, especially secondary to renal failure, cancer, chemotherapy, and HIV infection. Given that Vo2max is dependent on the oxygencarrying capacity of hemoglobin and that blood transfusions have attendant risks, it is not surprising that athletes rapidly gravitated to rHuEPO soon after its introduction to the market. Indeed, the release of the drug darbepoetin alfa, a long-acting form of EPO, in late 2001, was followed by positive drug tests for three athletes at the 2002 Winter Olympics in February 2002 (Catlin et al. 2002b). The enhanced endurance that accompanies increasing the red blood cell mass is well known. Many clinical
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