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One of XSLT's greatest strengths is its extensibility. Extensions enable you to do things that you can't do in XSLT at all (such as create separate documents), or make it easier to do things that XSLT doesn't support very well (such as grouping). In this chapter, you learned how to use extension elements and, more importantly, how to ensure that your stylesheets remain as portable as possible when you do so. You also learned about the extensions that are available in many processors for creating multiple documents, a capability that is extremely useful when generating several outputs for framesets or creating SVG documents. Because of the number of processors that support one, an element for directing output to a particular document is a very likely addition in XSLT 2.0. Finally, you learned about some of the extension elements, attributes, and attribute values that are available in Saxon, both because it's a popular processor and because several of the extensions that it offers are in areas being targeted by XSLT 2.0. Therefore, you can expect to see similar functionality in XSLT in the future. 20 examines a final major category of extension elements; namely, those extension elements that support the definition of extension functions and elements themselves.
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The (Absent) Political Dimension
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Technical Terms and References
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MILESTONE: OUR WISHES FOR 86 AND BEYOND (continued) An End to Information Charges Again we re at a loss to explain why the phone companies charge for something that encourages using their service. If we have to pay sixty cents to find out what someone s phone number is in another state, and then pay for a phone call as well, we re sure as hell going to think twice about making the call in the first place! While it s true that some people would use an alternate service to make the call, the losses to AT&T can t be that stupendous. We feel that this is an unjustifiable charge, one that hurts everyone in the end. Our suggestions include: providing one call to information (at least) for every long-distance call dialed; providing free phone books (originally, charges for information were to encourage people to use the phone books instead); alternate information services for alternate carriers, i.e. a subscriber to Skyline would have the advantage of free access to Skyline information; or an online database where you can find out as many numbers or cross-references as you like via modem. We d like to hear more suggestions and we hope they get to the right people. Nationwide Access for All If there are databases that are so big and extensive that anyone can check our credit history from anywhere in the country, what is stopping us from using our bank card in New York to withdraw money while we are in Los Angeles When will these systems be integrated so we can all benefit from technology There is already statewide connection of auto teller banking, and some limited interstate use, but when will a national network be set up
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Logging STP Events on Cisco Switches
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1 Introduction: First Ideas and Some History
7: Exploring Your Online Game Options
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