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32. See generally Harm-Anton Klok and Sebastian Lecommandoux, Supramolecular Materials via Block Copolymer Self-Assembly, 13 Advanced Materials 1217 (2001). 33. Donald A. Tomalia, Dendrimer Molecules, 272 Sci. Am. 62, 62 (May 1995). 34. The importance of this field is evidenced by the National Science Foundation s launch of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology in September 2002. The purpose of the Network is to facilitate collaboration between experimentalists, theorists, and computational scientists and develop high-performance software packages that are available to the scientific community. 35. For example, computational methods such as quantum MD and Monte Carlo are being used to build complex models. See Deepak Srivasta, Madhu Menon, and Kyeongjae Cho, Computational Nanotechnology With Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes, Computing In Science & Engineering (Jul./Aug. 2001). Some of these models are available online. See, e.g., Nanohub at http://nanohub. purdue.edu (registration required). 36. For a more detailed discussion of the STM microscope, see Robert Service, Atom-Scale Research Gets Real: Outlook For Nanotechnology, 290 Sci. 1523, 1526 (Nov. 24, 2000). 37. For a more detailed discussion of the AFM microscope, see Carol Wright-Smith and Christopher M. Smith, Atomic Force Microscopy, 15 The Scientist 23, 23 (Jan. 22, 2001). 38. See Robert F. Service, Nanoscientists Look to the Future; Meeting: IEEE Nano 2001; Nanotweezers and Movable Platform Research, 294 Sci. 1448, 1448 (Nov. 16, 2001). 39. M.J. Lang and S.M. Block, Resource Letter: LBOT-1: Laser-Based Optical Tweezers, 71 Am. J. Phys. 201 (2003). 40. J.M. Garces and M.C. Cornell, Impact of Nanotechnology on the Chemical and Automotive Industries, in Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 55 (2001). 41. Andrew Wood and Alex Scott, Nanomaterials: A Big Market Potential, Chem. Week, Oct. 16, 2002, at LEXIS-NEXIS, News Library. 42. Jennifer L. Schenker, It s The N_Generation; Nanotechnology, Which Offers SuperSmall Solutions to Some Very Big Problems, May Be Coming of Age, Time Int l, July 29, 2002, at 35. 43. For a more detailed discussion of the use of nanomaterials in coatings and films, see Harnessing Innovation; A Manufacturer s Guide to Nanotechnology, Industry Week, Dec. 2002. 44. A. P. Alivisatos, Less Is More In Medicine, 285 Sci. Am. 67, 70 (Sept. 2001). 45. For a good discussion of why Moore s Law will reach its limit, see Steve Jurvetson, Transcending Moore s Law With Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology, 1 Nanotech. L.&B. 70 (2004). Of course, if a fundamental limit is hit and no alternative technology is available, current architectures will simply have to be optimized. 46. Collins and Avouris, supra note 13, at 65. 47. Mark A. Reed and James M. Tour, Computing With Molecules, 282 Sci. Am. 87, 87 (June 2000). 48. Charles Lieber, et al., Gallium Nitride Nanowire Nanodevices, 2 Nano Lett. 101 (2002). 49. Zhen Yao, et al., Carbon Nanotube Intramolecular Junctions, 402 Nature 273 (1999). 50. Yu-Chih Tseng, Peiqi Xuan, Ali Javey, Ryan Malloy, Qian Wang, Jeffrey Bokor, and Hongjie Dai, Monolithic Integration of Carbon Nanotube Devices with Silicon MOS Technology, 4 Nano Lett. 123 127 (2004). 51. Robust computer architectures like these have been demonstrated in the past and have attracted theoretical interest lately. See J. Heath, et. al, A DefectTolerant Computer Architecture: Opportunities for Nanotechnology, 280 Science 1716
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Concerning Zen Zen texts are numerous; at time of writing the word Zen alone gets 114 million Google hits. Here are some useful rst sources.
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An area where the windowing system implementation of Windows 95 gets interesting is the interaction of windows from 16- and 32-bit applications. Even though the window procedure for a 32-bit program's window is written in 32-bit code, existing 16-bit applications don't know or care about this. These programs expect any window, regardless of its bit size, to act just as it would in Windows 3.x. Now, consider something like window subclassing. Imagine that a 16-bit program gets hold of an HWND for a 32-bit program's window. The 16-bit program then subclasses the 32-bit program's window by saving its original WNDPRC address and dropping in a new 16-bit WNDPROC address. If Windows 95 had originally stored a 32-bit linear address in the 32-bit windows WND structure, things would go up in smoke rather quickly. To prevent problem scenarios such as this, Windows 95 goes to great lengths to make all windows behave as if they were 16-bit windows. Another area where USER does extra work behind the scenes is with message numbers. In Win16, the message numbers for private control messages start at WM_USER and go up. Additionally, some of these private message numbers overlap with message numbers for other controls. For instance, in Win16, the BM GETSTATE message is defined as WM_USER+2, which is
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World Without Secrets
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Creates automatic test results files (test logs)
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To keep servers from being physically damaged, and to provide environmental and physical security, the servers must be mounted in a proper rack. There are many different types of racks on the market, from freestanding racks that do not have any doors or sides to specialized server racks that come with locked doors and cooling and ventilation systems. The type of rack or cabinet used depends on your needs and on your budget. There are, however, some general tips for installing servers into a rack mount system.
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During the user interviews, the IS department learned that sales for each bill-to customer were desired. The sales manager, however, was not interested in historical changes to customer names, so the customer_name field is stored in the CUSTOMERS dimension table along with customer_id. The data selected from the warehouse into this table should be the most current data available on each customer. The star schema shows a relationship to CUSTOMER, which is a subtype of PARTY ROLE. CUSTOMERS may also be further subtyped to define more specific roles such as BILL TO CUSTOMER, SHIP TO CUSTOMER, or END USER CUSTOMER. Because this data mart design is for INVOICE ITEMs, the customer that is represented is the bill-to customer. Additional, separate dimensions may be needed to show the ship-to customer or the end user customer if this information is needed. Ship-to information would be extracted using the relationships from the invoice item to the shipment item. The data mart design could show ship-to and bill-to customers within a single dimension (as levels within the dimension); however, because there is a many-to-many relationship between bill-to customers and ship-to customers, the designer may want to have separate dimensions of a ship-to customer and a bill-to customer.
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