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upc_op_t op, size_t nelems, size_t blk_size, TYPE (*func) (TYPE, TYPE), upc_ ag_t sync_mode) ; nelems: the number of elements blk_size: the number of elements in a block Description 1. The function prototype above represents the 11 variations of the upc_all_ reduceT function where T and TYPE have the following correspondences:
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Maintaining your files the old-fashioned way
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You buy in to a $20 pot-limit Omaha tournament. To play, you pay the $20 entry fee and a $2 registration fee. The site automatically assigns you to a seat with 1,500 in tournament chips. You lose your very first hand and drop to 1,450 in tourney chips. At this point, you could click on the chip rack of your poker site, and for another $20 (no registration fee this time), you get 1,500 more in chips for a total of 2,950. (You can t re-buy until your stack gets below 1,500 again.) Ten unlucky hands later, you re busted to zero. The site automatically prompts you: Would you like to re-buy 1,500 chips for another $20 If you answer yes, the site deducts $20 from your balance (again, no extra registration fee) and hands you a stack of 1,500. If you say no (or say nothing and get timed out), the site automatically boots you from your seat and doesn t allow you to return to the tourney. In this particular tourney, the site gives you the option of re-buying only during the first hour.
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Cross Reference
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Establish Reserves
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$(33 + interest 10% of $30 million) 10 million + 8 million
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14.1 Under IAS 19, an entity may have unrecognized actuarial gains or losses in case it uses the corridor approach. Retrospective application of this approach would necessitate splitting the cumulative gains and losses, from inception of the plan until the date of transition to IFRS, into a recognized and an unrecognized portion. 14.2 IFRS 1 allows a first-time adopter to elect to recognize all cumulative actuarial gains and losses at the date of transition to IFRS, even if it uses the corridor approach for subsequent actuarial gains or losses. IFRS 1 does, however, mandate that if an election is made for one employee benefit plan, it should apply to all other employee plans. 15. CUMULATIVE TRANSLATION DIFFERENCES 15.1 IAS 21 requires an entity to classify certain translation differences as a separate component of equity and upon disposal of the foreign operation to transfer the cumulative translation difference (CTA) relating to the foreign operation to the income statement as part of the gain or loss on disposal. 15.2 A first-time adopter is exempted from this transfer of the CTA that existed on the date of transition to IFRS. If it uses this exemption, the CTD for all foreign operations would be deemed to be zero at the date of transition to IFRS, and the gain or loss on subsequent disposal of any foreign operation should exclude translation differences that arose before the date of transition to IFRS but should include all subsequent translation adjustments. 16. COMPOUND FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS 16.1 If an entity has issued a compound financial instrument, say, a convertible debenture, IAS 32 requires that at inception, it should split and separate the liability component of the compound financial instrument from equity. If the liability portion is no longer outstanding, retrospective application of IAS 32 would produce this result with respect to the equity portion still outstanding: The part representing cumulative interest accreted to the liability component is in retained earnings and the other portion represents the original equity component. 16.2 IFRS 1 exempts a first-time adopter from this split accounting if the liability component is no longer outstanding at the date of transition to IFRS. 17. ASSETS AND LIABILITIES OF SUBSIDIARIES, ASSOCIATES, AND JOINT VENTURES IFRS 1 discusses exemptions under two circumstances. (1) If a subsidiary becomes a first-time adopter later than its parent, the subsidiary shall, in its separate ( stand-alone ) financial statements, measure its assets and liabilities at either: (a) the carrying amounts that would be included in its parent s consolidated financial statements, based on its parent s date of transition to IFRS (if no adjustments were made for consolidation procedures and for the effect of the business combination in which the parent acquired the subsidiary), or (b) the carrying amounts required by the rest of this IFRS, based on subsidiary s date of transition to IFRS. (2) If an entity becomes a first-time adopter later than its subsidiary (or associate or joint venture), the entity shall, in its consolidated financial statements, measure the assets and liabilities of the subsidiary (or associate or joint venture) at the same carrying amounts as in the separate ( stand-alone ) financial statements of the subsidiary (or associate or joint venture), after adjusting for consolidation and equity accounting adjustments and for effects of the business combination in which an entity acquired the subsidiary. In a similar manner, if a parent becomes a first-time adopter for its separate financial statements earlier or later than for its consolidated financial statements, it shall measure its assets and liabilities at the same amounts in both financial statements, except for consolidation adjustments. 18. EXCEPTIONS TO RETROSPECTIVE APPLICATION OF OTHER IFRS IFRS 1 prohibits retrospective application of some aspects of other IFRS relating to
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Example of options screen for a decision support system.
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Not all battles go exactly the way you plan. Just ask Napoleon. You can think, strategize, and employ clever tactics; but a cold run of cards, a called-out bluff, a superior play by someone else, or an especially unfriendly card in no-limit can leave you schooling with the bottom feeders in Lake Poker. Face it: Only one person wins a tournament.
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he emphasis on bylines in the journalism world is, at times, unavoidable. But magazines and the articles inside them are the product of many people, from fact-checkers, reporters, and editors to the art and production departments. The same goes for this book. Though only two names are listed as its authors, in fact it is the product of many, many hands. Without the staff of SmartMoney past and present whose ideas, research, and words make up much of what you are about to read The SmartMoney Guide to Long-Term Investing would not have been possible.
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