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Whew! This chapter (although by far the longest in the book) has barely touched on all the various aspects of Windows 95 memory management. We've examined memory paging by the CPU, separate address spaces for each process, and the memory regions that Windows 95 shares among all processes. At the Win32 API level, we've seen how the VirtualXXX functions manage pages at the page level, and the HeapXXX functions provide memory management at a much finer level of granularity. The holdover heap functions ported from the Win16 API (that is, the GlobalXXX and LocalXXX functions) are really just a thin layer over the HeapXXX functions. In the next chapter we'll see how the ring 3 KERNEL32.DLL communicates with the ring 0 virtual memory manager to obtain the basic building block services that the heap functions are built atop.
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interactive, but also allow for privacy and contemplation. Examples of these two types of f loor plans are shown in Exhibit 18.2. CLOSED FLOOR PLAN. Traditionally, professional services firms have opted for the closed office plan, which generally provides more privacy for professionals. This type of office plan is predominated by exterior and interior offices of various sizes and internal walls that separate different groups or sections within the firm. Although the closed office plan affords the firm a greater degree of privacy, it is also more expensive than alternative f loor plans. OPEN FLOOR PLAN. The open plan is usually a more cost-efficient layout that promotes a more social work environment. An open office plan is most often predominated by a large open area that is divided up into individual or
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Quite so.The alternatives which people have in mind when they make this comparison are often (Jankowicz, 2000a: 96): (a) a conversation lasting 5 to 10 minutes, a procedure which can be informative but never to the level of detail obtained by a grid (b) a semi-structured or fully structured interview which lasts between 30 and 60 minutes: almost as long, but unlikely to have the same precision unless it is, in fact, a repertory grid interview! (c) a psychometric test, which doesn t describe the person in terms of his or her own constructs. It imposes researchers own constructs, their own framework for understanding people, onto the individual, with all the force and energy of a supermarket bread-slicing machine. And many psychometric tests are an hour long, in any case.
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The 174G and/or the 572C alleles have been linked with low bone mass and other indices of bone fragility in elderly women (Feng et al. 2003; Ferrari et al. 2003; Nordstrom et al. 2004), the 174GG genotype in younger men and women (Lorentzon et al. 2000; Garnero et al. 2002). In Japanese women the 634G polymorphism has been associated with low BMD (Yamada et al. 2003a). The 174G > C genotype has also been associated with the BMD response to HRT in post-menopausal women (James et al. 2004) Shown in Japanese post-menopausal women (Miyao et al. 1998) Found in osteoporotic patients (Langdahl et al. 2000) In early post-menopausal women (Keen et al. 1998)
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Goldman initiated the negotiations by asking the seller, How much do you want for the building The seller said, $15 million, all cash. Goldman replied in a high-pitched screech, W H A T! Well, this was the price Goldman was willing to pay, and the seller was willing to take. But Goldman was so indignant in the way he said WHAT The seller responded by saying, Well maybe we can take a little less; how about $14 million, all cash. Goldman says again with the same high-pitched screech, WHAT ! ALL CASH. YOU WANT ALL CASH ! The seller then said, Well, maybe we can talk terms. Now Sol Goldman never tipped his hand he never said anything substantial while all this was going on. All he said was WHAT ! at four different times. The seller thought he was so indignant, so insulted, that Goldman ended up buying the building for $12 million with terms! And all he said was WHAT! You have to understand that as a young lawyer, working for Sol Goldman, I was ready to grab the seller s first offer, since I knew my client was ready to pay it. Instead, Goldman would negotiate without making a single counteroffer. He never said, All I want to pay is $12 million. All he ever said was WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT Later on, Goldman inquired, What s the interest rate on the mortgage And the seller replied, 8 percent. Goldman again replied with another indignant and ear-piercing WHAT, 8 PERCENT ! The whole tone of the entire negotiation made the seller feel that he was insulting my client. It ended up having an unbelievable result. Later, in another negotiation with Goldman, he was ready to sell a building for $20 million. An interested buyer came along and offered him $20 million. But Goldman said, You ve got to do better than that. So the other side replied, Well, how about $22 million.
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If one thing didn t work, I d just try something else because I knew there was something that would work. There is always something that works. It s just a matter of finding out what. Erik
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