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Organizational structure
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<! $cropped sort by is the same as $sort by, but without the leading and trailing colons > <xsl:variable name="cropped sort by" select="substring($sort by, 2, string length($sort by) 2)" /> <xsl:variable name="sort by1" select="substring before($cropped sort by, ':')" /> <xsl:variable name="sort by2" select="substring before( substring after($cropped sort by, ':'), ':')" /> <xsl:variable name="sort by3" select="substring before( substring after( substring after($cropped sort by, ':'), ':'), ':')" /> <xsl:variable name="sort by4" select="substring before( substring after( substring after( substring after($cropped sort by, ':'), ':'), ':'), ':')" />
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Cardiovascular system Pregnancy induces multiple physiologic adaptations in maternal hemodynamics causing increases in blood volume, heart rate, stroke volume, and cardiac output and a decrease in systemic vascular resistance (Clark et al. 1989; Lund & Donovan 1967; Wolfe et al. 1989). Alterations in maternal cardiac output show an increase of 30 50% by mid pregnancy compared to non-pregnant values (Fig. 13.1; Morton 1991). Increased blood volume is a result of an increase in plasma volume of up to 50% and an increase in red cell volume of up to 20% (Fig. 13.2). This dilutional effect creates a reduction in hematocrit, a physiologic anemia, without a subsequent interference with oxygen distribution (Romen et al. 1991). After the rst trimester, the supine position results in relative obstruction of venous return and decreased cardiac output. In addition, motionless standing is associated with a signi cant decrease in cardiac output and symptomatic hypotension in approximately 10% of all pregnant women. For this reason, both the supine and motionless standing positions should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy (Clark et al. 1991). Stroke volume increases by 10% at the end of the rst trimester are followed by a 20% increase in heart rate during the second and third trimesters (Fig. 13.3; Morton et al.
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Computer networks are like used cars, and, just as when you go to a used-car lot, you have to be careful not to get a lemon. The following can be said of both networks and used cars:
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done: InternalLeaveCriticalSection( hHeap->pCriticalSection ); return hMem;
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4 Transmission Methods: How is Information Sent
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Unsupervised minor children
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statistical information when the server is functioning normally. Then you can apply a load to the system such as transferring files, running programs, backing up and restoring data, and so on. While you are placing the load on the system, you would take the same measurements as you took during the original baseline. When performing a baseline, you should ensure that you measure performance data from the processor, memory, network, and disk. For example, you would want to monitor the following statistics to get a basic baseline. Pages per second: This value represents the number of times the operating system has to page to disk to resolve a memory reference. The more paging that occurs, the worse the system performance. When this value is at or above 10, then there could be a problem. Check the paging file to make sure it is large enough, and you may need to consider adding more memory. Available bytes: This value refers to the amount of free bytes of virtual memory that the computer has. If the value is consistently under 4MB, you may have to add more RAM. However, check your particular operating system s documentation for specific details. Committed bytes: This value is the amount of virtual memory that has been committed. Committed memory needs to have hard disk storage to back it up, or else it must never be written to disk. Make sure that the committed bytes do not exceed the amount of available bytes, or your memory resources may be overextended. Percent processor time: This value refers to the percentage of the elapsed time that the processor is busy executing a thread. This counter is discussed several times throughout this chapter. If the counter is near 100 percent, you may have a bottleneck. Interrupts per second: This counter points to the number of device interrupts the processor is experiencing. If the value is consistently above 4,000, you may have an I/O device that is generating too many interrupts. Disk time: This counter measures the percentage of elapsed time the disk is busy servicing read or write requests. On most systems, this value should be less than 70 percent. Current disk queue length: This counter returns the number of outstanding requests for service from the disk. Average disk bytes per read: This counter indicates the average number of bytes in a single read operation. Average disk seconds per read: This counter indicates how long it takes to retrieve data. Disk reads per second: This counter indicates how many reads occur per second. Percent of network utilization: This counter returns the percentage of network bandwidth in use on that particular network segment. Watch for values that exceed 50%.
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Subsystem Design Requirements, Boundaries, Missions, Objectives & Constraints
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Buy-Sell Agreements
5 Multicasting, Geocasting, and Anycasting in WSANs
The valid parameter keywords are stored in the ParamEncodings array, and consist of the following:
Going Public
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