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People and Organizations
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Dealing with the dough
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$000 Fair value at November 1, 20X3 Cows (210,000 60,000) $40 Heifers (30,000 20,000) $30 Purchase 75,000 heifers $30 Increase due to price change 150,000 $(45 40) 10,000 $(32 30) 75,000 $(32 30) Increase due to physical change 150,000 $(50 45) 10,000 $(45 32) 75,000 $(36 32) Fair value less estimated point-ofsale costs at October 31, 20X4 150,000 $50 10,000 $45 75,000 $36 750 20 150 920 750 130 300 1,180 7,500 450 2,700 10,650 $000 6,000 300 2,250 8,550
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1[ AB CD GH KL MN OP QR ST 5_ 5_ Friendly and approachable Outgoing, will approach others rst
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Other Ideas with the Glasses
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Summing by Building an Intermediate Node Set
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Translating Element and Attribute Names
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hile the timing of our first issues could not have been more fortuitous with respect to the evolving phone world, the timing was pretty damn good in the computer world as well. In fact, I don t think we could have started at a more pivotal period. Computers had most definitely begun to make real inroads into our everyday lives. And there was little question among the few who cared at that point that various sprawling computer networks had existed for some time. But personal computers were still a rare exception and many years away from being the rule. And something on the order of the Internet remained little more than a dream. However, by the end of the decade, all of that had changed. War Games had come out less than a year before our first issue and for me it had hit very close to home. To this day it s one of the few films that actually seemed to understand the true hacker spirit. Those magical moments when Matthew Broderick managed to get inside that computer system, or when he figured out how to make the free call from the pay phone, or when he was apprehended by the feds all of us who found ourselves messing around with phones and computers at the time felt like we were living that story because in many cases we were. That thrill and that fear is something that never really leaves you. And those of us who experienced it at that relatively early stage of the game were really quite privileged, even though it sure didn t feel like it at the time. In a big way, the Internet would be the death knell for the kind of hacking most popular in the 1980s. Back then, the most attractive targets were the big packet switched networks like Telenet and Tymnet. These systems allowed you to connect to computers all over the world once you dialed into a local node. Unlike the Internet, it was geared primarily toward businesses and institutions. So if you wanted to play around with it, you pretty much had to break in. We couldn t get accounts as individuals and we sure couldn t quell our curiosity. Nor could we effectively explain this to most people. But as computers got cheaper and access became much easier, this reasoning was harder to justify. The playing field of hacking was about to change in a very dramatic way. And it wasn t just the hacking that was profoundly altered by the arrival of the Internet. The way people communicated would also be forever changed. In the 80s,
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The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties
Figure 8-1 1 Resources hierarchy forCLOCK.EXE.
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