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Figure 2-1: Defacement page on White House Web site, May 1999.
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APB Reference Number SAS Reference Number 37 1* 39 30 FASB Standard Reference Number FASB Interpretation Reference Number 105,* 107,* 119,* 126,* 133,* 137, 149, 150 39,* 40, 41, 33,* 46, 54, 82, 89,* 70 101 117* 8, 20, 52 45 15, 17, 37 99 80 45 54 11,* 23,* 24 17* 28* 44,* 72,* 121,* 142 3 139, 144 9, 31, 37, 109 18, 22, 29 12 2,** 6** 94 35 18* 100 65 94 55,* 60 92
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Scott, H., Johnson, S., Menezes, P., Thornicroft, G., Marshall, J., Bindman, J., et al. (1998). Substance misuse and risk of aggression and offending among the severely mentally ill. British Journal of Psychiatry, 172, 345 350. Shaner, A., Khalsa, M., Roberts, L., Wilkins, J., Anglin, D., & Hsieh, S. C. (1993). Unrecognized cocaine use among schizophrenic patients. American Journal of Psychiatry, 150(5), 758 762. Sobell, L., Maisto, S., Sobell, M., & Cooper, A. (1979). Reliability of alcohol abusers selfreports of drinking behavior. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 17(2), 157 160. Solomon, P., & Draine, J. (1998). Consumers as providers in psychiatric rehabilitation. New Directions for Mental Health Services, 79, 65 77. Spitzer, D., & Levinson, E. (1988). A review of selected vocational interest inventories for use by school psychologists. School Psychology Review, 17(4), 578 593. Stone, A., Greenstein, R., Gamble, G., & McLellan, A. (1993). Cocaine use by schizophrenic outpatients who receive depot neuroleptic medication. Hospital and Community Psychiatry, 44(2), 176 177. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. (2002). Co-occurring disorders: Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Implementation Resource Kit. Unpublished Manuscript. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. (2003). Strategies for developing treatment programs for people with co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders (SAMHSA Publication No. 3782). Rockville, MD: Author. Swofford, C., Kasckow, J., Scheller-Gilkey, G., & Inderbitzin, L. (1996). Substance use: A powerful predictor of relapse in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 20(1/2), 145 151. Torrey, W. C., Drake, R. E., Cohen, M., Fox, L., Lynde, D., Gorman, P., et al. (2002). The challenge of implementing and sustaining integrated dual disorders treatment programs. Community Mental Health Journal, 38(6), 507 521. Torrey, W. C., Drake, R. E., Dixon, L. B., Burns, B., Flynn, L., Rush, A., et al. (2001). Implementing evidence-based practices for persons with severe mental illnesses. Psychiatric Services, 52(1), 45 50. Tsuang, M. T., Simpson, J., & Kronfol, Z. (1982). Subtypes of drug abuse with psychosis: Demographics characteristics, clinical features, and family history. Archives of General Psychiatry, 39(2), 141 147. Wallace, C., Liberman, R. P., MacKain, S., Blackwell, G., & Eckman, T. (1992). Effectiveness and replicability of modules for teaching social and instrumental skills to the severely mentally ill. American Journal of Psychiatry, 149(5), 654 658. Zuckoff, A., & Daley, D. (2001). Engagement and adherence issues in treating persons with non-psychosis dual disorders. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Skills, 5(1), 131 162.
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Cement2 2006 2005 13,931 1,279 15,210 4,957 32.6 3,832 19,917 (1,836) 57,878 10,521 1,040 11,561 3,629 31.4 2,761 16,646 (2,029) 34,543
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Appendix C
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reverse packet data channel (R-PDCH)
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cant. If you analyze the loss of income on your investment and the interest on borrowed funds and taxes and other expenses, which accrue during the period of construction or renovation, you will be amazed at the per diem loss you suffer. Anything you can do to reduce the period of loss is a win.
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Functional Architecture Development
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