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Table 10.1: Fields in an IPX Header FIELD Checksum Packet Length Transport Control EXPLANATION Checks the integrity of the IPX packet. The checksum is not used in most versions of NetWare, in which case it is set to 0xFFFF. Length, in bytes, of the complete packet, which is the length of the IPX header plus the length of the data. The number of routers a packet has traversed on the way to its destination. Sending nodes set the Transport Control field to 0. When a router receives a packet that requires forwarding, it increments the field by 1. When this value reaches 16, the packet is discarded under the assumption that a routing loop might be occurring.[a] Type of service offered or required by the packet. See Table 10.2 for a list of packet types. The number of the network to which the destination node is attached. The address of the destination node, which is the same as the data link address. The socket number of the destination process.
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In certain circumstances there is a need for multiple part messages where one or more different sets of data are combined into a single message body. In such cases, a multipart message is used. The multipart message body is identified with a Content-Type value of multipart/mixed. A typical multipart Content-Type header field might look like this: Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=a4V3bnq129s8 This header field indicates that the message body consists of several parts delimited by an encapsulation boundary of: --a4V3bnq129s8 Note the additional prefix of two hyphens. The encapsulation boundary must start at the beginning of a new line, i.e. immediately following a CRLF and must terminate with a CRLF. The boundary string is chosen such that it is does not clash with the message body. Each body part may optionally include its own header fields although only headers commencing with Content- are recognised; MRCP-specific headers are not allowed. An additional CRLF separates these headers from the body data. If the body part contains no header fields, it is considered to be of type text/plain. The last body part is terminated with an encapsulation boundary with an additional two hyphens as a suffix to indicate no more body parts, for example: --a4V3bnq129s8-An example of a multipart message body is illustrated below: MRCP/2.0 521 SPEAK 20000 Channel-Identifier: 43b9ae17@speechsynth Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=a4V3bnq129s8 Content-Length: 374 --a4V3bnq129s8 Content-Type: text/uri-list Content-Length: 68 --a4V3bnq129s8 Content-Type: application/ssml+xml Content-Length: 140 < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <speak version="1.0" xmlns=""> Hello world! </speak> --a4V3bnq129s8--
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In general, we believe investors should look to the stock market for capital appreciation, not the bond market. But there are times when the outlook for the bond market is particularly bright when interest rates appear to be cresting and the economy seems to be slowing. (To wit: While the S&P 500 shed more than 13 percent in 2001, investment-grade bonds gained 8 percent.) This argues for moving some of an investor s speculative position into bonds. Zero-coupon bonds will give an investor the swiftest, biggest pro t from falling interest rates. Issued by the government, these bonds are sold at deep discounts and pay no interest until they mature. For example, a 25-year zero with a 5.9 percent yield and a maturity value of $10,000 could be had in late March 2002 for about $2,214 (excluding commission). If over the course of the next year long-term interest rates were to fall by 1 percentage point, the bond s market value would improve by 37 percent, including both capital appreciation and accruing interest. On the downside, a 1 percentage point rise in rates over a year would hammer the bond s value by 15 percent. (To make matters worse, holders of zeros are obliged to pay taxes each year on the accrued but unpaid interest.) Long-term zeros are for investors who are convinced that interest rates are falling, who can keep a daily watch over them, and who don t mind selling in a heartbeat if the interestrate outlook changes. One easy way to buy zeros is through the American Century Target Maturities funds (800-345-2021). American Century offers six no-load funds, each with a minimum initial investment of $2,500, that aim to match as closely as possible the return of individual zeros maturing in the years 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025, and 2030. You can even construct your own ladder of speculative zeros at minimal cost.
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Before we formulate the mapping we introduce a restriction that is somewhat subtle. We say that a sequence of length l is a pre x of a sequence if the rst l symbols of the latter sequence are identical to those of the rst sequence; in particular, a sequence is
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