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17: Enhancing XSLT
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Figure 10.13. Subcluster adaptive modulation.
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The actual number of users that can operate in any particular environment depends on the type of user activity, the type of data, and the underlying data rate. Imagine a site where each floor of a building has two parallel hallways, with rooms on both sides, for a total of 16 rooms, such as the site illustrated in Figure 4.5.
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Being There: Investment Moves for Retirees (and the Nearly Retired) 215
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Given the foregoing description of the various types of net leases, it should come as no surprise that landlords favor the triple-net lease. GROSS UP. Grossing up is a mechanism that is often employed in an effort to account for increases in operating expenses when, in the base year, the building occupancy rate is less than 100 percent. If, for example, in a building that is 50 percent occupied, a tenant negotiates a lease with an expense stop or base year provision of $10 per square foot, then without a gross-up provision, the tenant will be liable for not only the annual increases in operating expenses that are contemplated when negotiating the lease but also any increases in operating expenses that are attributable to increased occupancy. Thus, in the foregoing hypothetical, if the building goes from 50 percent occupancy in year one to 100 percent occupancy in year two, the operating expenses for which the tenant is liable will increase dramatically, from the negotiated amount of $10 per square foot to, for example, $13 per foot.
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Synopsis #include <upc.h> #include <upc_collective.h>
6.1.2 Simple Relationships Between Constructs
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