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The work often addresses or assumes infrastructure relevant to European conditions. Published results may therefore seem strange or even irrelevant to a North American context. Deliverables are offered in the industrial, research, educational, and management areas. Industry deliverables range from use-case examples and recommendations to reports and demonstrator sites. An OntoWeb-related site was OntoWeb Edu ( ), provided for the bene t of the sweb community as part of the deliverables. The task of this site was to manage, coordinate, and initiate educational initiatives related to Web standardization activities and topics related to the Semantic Web in general. The organization also aimed to provide a set of online technologies to support publication, retrieval, and debate of pedagogic material related to the Semantic Web. The EducaNext Portal ( is a replacement service supporting the creation and sharing of knowledge for higher education. It is the conventional Knowledge Web repository for learning objects in the area of the Semantic Web.
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Stakeholders & System Requirements, Objectives Hierarchy, Boundary & Qualification System Requirements
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Part VII Disaster Recovery
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A.2.2 Product breakdown
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Yes. Role-based security at the project level. Yes. Yes, through Compuware Frontline. Yes. Yes. Certification standards are under development. No screen captures in current release. Targeted future functionality.
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Customizing Document Structure
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We invented and own a fundamentally unique and patented material technology for the development of catalysts. Our technology significantly improves catalytic performance, is highly durable and cost-effective. We have developed unique nanostructures that are extremely thermally stable and resistant to sintering. This enables superior catalytic performance over time and at extreme temperatures . . . Although our technology has broad applicability, we have focused our commercialization efforts on environmental applications, namely automotive, diesel and energy applications. We are currently manufacturing products for the automotive and diesel markets and our technology has undergone extensive lab and field testing by customers in each of these markets. In addition, we are developing energy-related products in conjunction with strategic partners. This testing and product history have demonstrated the following competitive advantages over existing technology.8
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/ Initialize MYTHREAD s row of A. For example, / for (i=0; i<NELEMS*THREADS; i++) myA [ = MYTHREAD*10 + i; i] upc_all_exchange( Bdata, Adata, NELEMS*sizeof(int) , UPC_IN_ALLSYNC j UPC_OUT_ALLSYNC) ; 4.2.6 upc_all_permute Function
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This initial examination of the loft structure is not complete without consideration of whether light might be provided to the roof construction by means of dormer windows, roof windows or roof lights. Obviously on a terraced house there is not the possibility of cutting windows into the gable walls, except of course if you are fortunate enough to be at the end of the terrace. Consequently, dormers or roof lights will have to be used to provide light and ventilation to the loft conversion. These
MITF: Japan Mobile IT Forum. MME: mobile management entity. MMS: multimedia messaging. MMSE: minimum mean square error. MPEG: Motion Picture Experts Group. MRxD: mobile receive diversity. MSC: mobile switching center. msec (millisecond): one thousandth of a second. multipath: The nearly simultaneous reception of a direct signal and one or more re ected echoes of the signal. Historically, multipath was a signi cant contributor to degradation of the received signal. Recently, the introduction of MIMO technology into wireless systems is actually leveraging multipath re ections to increase the performance of the wireless channel. See also MIMO, SIMO, smart antennas. MVDDS (Multipoint Video Digital Distribution Service): The terrestrial licensed spectrum in the United States that is coprimary with DBS spectrum. mW (milliwatt): one thousandth of a watt. See also Watt. NGMC: Next-Generation Mobile Committee. NGN: next-generation network. OAM: operation, administration, and maintenance. OBAN: Open Broadband Access Network. OEM: original equipment manufacturer. ODM: original design and manufacturing suppliers. OFDM: orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access): The data processing intensive protocol that has been incorporated in leading 4G technology road maps. It is the core technology implemented in the Mobile WiMAX standard. omni-directional antenna: An antenna that radiates equal power in a 3601 beam pattern. See also directional antenna. PA: power ampli er. panel antenna: A directional antenna made up of several driven elements mounted in front of a at re ecting element. It has a at plastic or berglass cover that gives the antenna a panel-like appearance. PAR: peak-to-average ratio. parabolic antenna: A directional antenna made up of a driven element plus a parabolic-shaped re ector. The re ector may either be solid metal, metalic rods, or a metalic mesh. patch antenna: A directional antenna that is a smaller version of a panel antenna. A patch antenna is most often used indoors. It is often embedded into portable user devices. See also panel antenna.
When you assign network numbers to a network, the numbers must be contiguous. For example, if you have numerous nodes on a single segment, you could assign network numbers 10 to 13 to the segment. This would allow you to have 1012 nodes (4 253 nodes) on the segment. Cisco calls the list of contiguous network numbers the cable range. To configure AppleTalk Phase 2 on a Cisco router, you simply follow three easy steps: 1. In global configuration mode, type appletalk routing, which enables the default routing protocol, which is RTMP. (We'll cover enabling other protocols in later sections.) 2. In interface configuration mode, assign one or more network numbers to each connected network that will run AppleTalk, using the appletalk cable-range cable-range [network. node] command. To assign a single network number, use a unary cable range, such as 10-10. 3. In interface configuration mode, associate the network with one or more zones, using the appletalk zone zone-name command. Type the command once for each zone. The first zone in the list is the default zone.
As in Win16, a Win32 module represents the code, data, and resources for an EXE or DLL that's been loaded by the Win32 loader. Thus, every module in memory directly correlates to a file somewhere on disk. An EXE or DLL by itself isn't a module. Rather, the loader reads the information from a file into memory and creates the module from that information. One of the nice features of Win32 Portable Executable (PE) files is that loading them into memory is relatively simple. The loader creates a module by using memory mapped files to map selected regions of the PE file into linear memory. (Important point: Despite popular belief, the loader doesn't simply map the entire PE file into memory in one big chunk.) The operating system keeps all the top-level information about a loaded module in a structure that I call a module database. 8 describes the PE header and the module database in great detail. When referring to loaded modules, applications use HMODULEs (handles to modules). In Win16, an HMODULE is just the global heap handle of the segment containing a 16-bit module database. ( 7 describes the Win16 modules in detail.) In Win32, there are no segments (at least not that the program knows about), so some other way of referring to a loaded module is needed. The scheme that Microsoft uses is to make an HMODULE one and the same as the starting linear address in memory where the Win32 loader memory mapped the PE file. For example, most EXE programs are loaded at address 0x400000 (4MB) by the Win32 loader, so their HMODULE is 0x400000. Yes, this does mean that multiple EXEs can have the same
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