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58h DWORD alternateHD 5Ch DWORD alternateTID These two fields don't appear to actually contain a process ID or a thread ID. However, there is a path through the GetWindowThreadProcessId code which indicates that these fields could contain a PID and a TID. As a final note on Windows and the WND structure, it often surprises people when I tell them that creating a window takes absolutely no space from USER's 64K DGROUP. If you're creating a window from an existing
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The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the broad framework of generally accepted auditing standards and the integration of such standards with their respective generally accepted financial accounting standards. The integration of auditing and accounting standards will enhance the audit committee s understanding of the application of accounting standards in the preparation of the financial statements. Moreover, the audit committee will acquire not only a broad perspective on the essential purpose of the audit examination, but also the salient points concerning the auditors report. In succeeding chapters, additional financial accounting standards will be discussed in more detail.
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