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Property Information Price Down payment Number of units Price per unit Lot size Net rentable sq ft Zoning Price per sq ft Cap rate Land value Income 15 units 460 1 unit 325 Less 10% vacancy Gross income Expenses Taxes Insurance Electric Water and sewage Management Maintenance Reserves Refuse Lawn Extermination Total expenses Net operating income $ 455 325 75 400 500 500 333 80 195 85 $2,948 $3,555 $6,900 325 723 $6,503 $364,000 $72,800 16 $22,750 23,884 14,125 RM-H $25.77 14.00% $14,000 Appraisal data Income approach Cost approach Sales comp approach Assessed tax values Total improvements Total land Total value $364,000 $408,000 $375,000
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Tasks can sometimes be difficult to understand, so it's not surprising that programmers often have misconceptions about them. This section describes and clarifies a couple of misconceptions I encounter frequently. One of the most common misconceptions about tasks is that every task has a window. Although a window on the screen is the most visible indicator of a task's existence, tasks and windows are completely unrelated and shouldn't be confused with one another. A task represents execution, and nothing else. The decision about whether or not the task displays a window is completely up to you. It's certainly easy to create a task that never creates a window, yet does useful work. This is an important point to remember when you look at the "task list" in Windows 95. That list shows the toplevel windows, and is completely different from the true task list maintained by KRNL386. If you run the SHOW16 program on the disk that accompanies this book, it's likely that you'll see tasks that don't show up in the Explorer window list. Another common misconception some programmers have is thinking that DLLs have task-like qualities. These programmers say things such as, "I want my DLL to create a window that will be used for all the client programs of the DLL." Another example: "My DLL will open a file handle that will be used by several different programs that use the DLL." These
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