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much more than mine, the jump from $425 to $595 seemed like a lot to me at the time, psychologically. So I offered the first vacancy at $540 and had it rented within a week. Okay, I was thinking, that wasn t so hard. The next vacancy was offered at $570 and again was promptly leased. The next went for $585, and the one after that went for $595, both with no problem. I had tested the water a little bit at a time, and it was starting to feel pretty good. The next vacancy was offered at $625. It was at this point that I met some resistance, so I lowered the rent back down to $595, and again had it rented in no time. The market research I had done before I even purchased the duplexes proved to be right on target. One key factor contributing to my easy success in renting the units at the higher rates was the fact that I had just spent considerable time and money on improving the overall condition of the property. I now had a very attractive apartment community to offer to prospective families. The positive changes I had made were both welcomed and appreciated. I considered several approaches to unlock the newly created value in the duplexes. The first was to sell the units either individually or as a package deal to an investor. My original intent was to sell the units individually for $77,000 per building or $38,500 per unit, just as the other seller with the 72 units that were similar to mine had done. With this in mind, I decided to set up one unit as an office that would also double as a model. The initial response from my existing tenants as well as others was quite favorable. Within the first 90 days, I had commitments for 17 of the units. What I was not prepared for was the poor credit quality of most of the prospec57
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TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
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With Pointer-to-Shared Buffers
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Family models for aftercare exist as well, and can be quite useful as the client resumes his or her role in the family. Overcoming a drug problem does not necessarily eliminate problems that exist in relationships or in the family system. Some of these problems and issues may take some time to resolve. Generally speaking, while in treatment, the client spends a great deal of time focusing on solutions to overcoming his or her drug problem. What this means practically speaking is that family and relationship problems often are not addressed systematically until after treatment is completed. This makes aftercare a period of time when relationship and family concerns may rise to the forefront for the client. Therapists and counselors must remain alert to the likelihood that family and relationship issues may become more acute during aftercare and can represent a threat to the client s recovery if not adequately addressed.
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Calculate an initial schedule CHAPTER 7 Critical path, float, milestones Equipment requirements and labor and skill estimates Nonlabor costs
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Research on the adaptive responses of connective tissue to training has been usually carried out with tendons and ligaments. Tendons and ligaments consist of collagen (mostly type I collagen) and elastin embedded in a proteoglycan water matrix, with collagen accounting for 65 80% and elastin approximately 1 2% of the dry mass of the structure (Hess et al. 1989; Hooley et al. 1980; Jozsa et al. 1989; Kannus 2000; Tipton et al. 1967, 1970, 1975). These elements are produced by broblasts and brocytes that lie between the collagen bers and are organized in a complex hierarchical scheme to form the tendon or ligament proper (Hess et al. 1989; Kannus 2000). In tendons and ligaments, soluble tropocollagen molecules form cross-links to create insoluble collagen molecules, which then aggregate progressively in electronmicroscopically well-de nable units: collagen brils. A bunch of brils forms a collagen ber, which is the basic unit of a tendon and ligament. A ber represents the smallest collagenous structure that can be seen by a light microscope, tested mechanically, and is aligned from end to end in these structures. A bunch of collagen bers then forms a primary ber bundle, followed by a
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