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Reporting responsibility
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An example of the CEO and CFO certification in the annual SEC 10-K report by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is shown in Exhibits 2.2 and 2.3.
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lines that fed both the fuel cells and the atmospheric system of the cockpit. Occasionally, however, the pressure in the tanks dropped too low, preventing the gas from moving into the feed lines and endangering both the fuel cells and the crew. To prevent this, the heaters would occasionally be switched on, boiling off some of the liquid and raising the internal pressure to a safer level. Beech and North American knew that the tanks the new ship needed would have to be more than just insulated bottles. To handle contents as temperamental as liquid oxygen, the spherical vessels would require all manner of safeguards, including fans, thermometers, pressure sensors, and heaters, all of which would have to be immersed directly in the supercold slush that the tanks were designed to hold, and all of which would have to be powered by electricity. Of course, immersing a heating element in a pressurized tank of oxygen was, on its face, a risky business, and in order to minimize the danger of re or explosions, the heaters were supplied with thermostat switches that would cut the power to the coils if the temperature in the tank climbed too far. By most standards, that upper temperature limit was not very high; 80 degrees was about as hot as the engineers ever wanted their supercold tanks to get [derived requirement]. But in insulated vessels in which the prevailing temperature was usually 420 degrees lower, that was a considerable warm-up. When the heaters were switched on and functioning normally, the thermostat switches remained closed or engaged completing the heating system s electrical circuit and allowing it to continue operating. If the temperature in the tank rose above the 80degree mark, two tiny contacts on the thermostat would separate, breaking the circuit and shutting the system down. When North American rst awarded the tank contract to Beech Aircraft, the contractor told the subcontractor that the thermostat switches like most of the switches and systems aboard the ship should be made compatible with the spacecraft s 28-volt power grid, and Beech complied. This voltage, however, was not the only current the spacecraft would ever be required to accept. During the weeks and months preceding a launch, the ship spent much of its time connected to launch-pad generators at Cape Canaveral, so that pre ight equipment test could be run [missed operational concept scenario]. The Cape s generators were dynamos compared to the service module s puny fuel cells, regularly churning out current at a full 65 volts. North American eventually became concerned that such a relative lightning bolt would cook the delicate heating system in the cryogenic tanks before the ship ever left the pad, and decided to change its specs, alerting Beech that it should scrap the original heater plans and replace them with ones that could handle the higher launch pad voltage. Beech noted the change and modi ed the entire heating system or almost the entire heating system. Inexplicably, the engineers neglected to change the
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The Legal Position of the Audit Committee
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Willpower is a part of weight loss, but to believe that people who are overweight simply lack willpower is simply wrong. Losing weight and sustaining weight loss require much more than willpower. They require a comprehensive weight-loss method that includes having a positive mindset, paying attention to food choices, regular physical activity, and creating a supportive atmosphere.
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New Toys to Play With
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circles. There is no way to access it after it is sealed in the box. Figure 9-1(b) shows next lower level of security, in which a hole is made into the box. Now data can either leave the box through this hole or someone can access the data. This hole is like a communication channel that opens data to vulnerabilities. If this channel allows only data out, such as a network management system only reporting network conditions with no way of sending any input, there is the risk of the data getting into the wrong hands. If it allows only data in, there is a chance of the data getting manipulated in a malicious way, such as a virus attack. In other words, having one access channel, even in one way, could open information to security risks. A data system with a two-way channel, such as in Figure 9-1(c), is open to a number of different attacks. A computer on a network is more like Figure 9-1(d), that is, it has a large number of holes in it. Worse yet, a wireless system is like the one shown in Figure 9-1(e), that is, it is, in general, not contained in a secure box, leaving an inde nite number of holes around it. 9.1.1. Why Are Wireless Network Devices a Bigger Challenge Figure 9-1 explains in a conceptual way why wireless data networks are more of a challenge to secure than the xed, wired network devices. If all communications occurs through only one hole , such as in Figure 9-1(b) and (c), the security problem can be modeled as having a door with lock on these holes that is opened by certain keys.The key copies are distributed among only those allowed to access the data. A box with n doors, however, needing an equal number of keys, will have a possible n! ways of having one or more compromised entries to such doors. If the probability of damage through one door is p, the probability increases linearly with the number of doors. So, for 100 doors, the probability is 100-fold. The wireless device in a wireless network does not have the box with walls; it is simply open. In other words, the wireless network devices present a two-fold security problem, rst, to secure a box and then to secure the doors on this box. In the United States, the government standard FIPS 140-2 de nes the minimum requirements for non-classi ed, but sensitive data. Wireless network devices, by virtue of their exposition, are considered of this type.
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Identified resources may come from different parts of an organization. For instance, for a global SAP implementation rollout, individuals acting as super-users and executing test cases for the user acceptance test (UAT) may come from an international company plant, whereas for string testing the individuals needed to execute the test cases may originate from the configuration and test teams. Once 219
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