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No project can succeed without management commitment, and automation is no exception. In order for management to manage, they must know where things stand and what to expect. By letting management know up front what investment you need to succeed with automation, then keeping them informed every step of the way, you can get their commitment and keep it. This requires a comprehensive project plan. Your automation plan must clearly identify the total costs and benefits of the project up front, provide a detailed project plan with the required resources, timelines, and related activities, then track results and report to management regularly. Costs include selecting and licensing the right tool, training the team, establishing a test environment, developing your test library, and maintaining both the tests and the tool. The number and type of resources you need, the time required, and the specific activities will depend on the approach you adopt. If and when obstacles are encountered, let management know right away. Get bad news out as early as possible and good news out as soon as you can back it up. Nothing is more disconcerting for management than to invest resources without seeing progress or, worse, by sudden surprises. Also keep focus on the fact that the test automation project will last as long as SAP is being used and maintained. Every successive release, update, patch, or new integration will need to be tested and the automated test assets accordingly maintained and reexecuted. No matter how easy to use the tool is claimed to be, plan for training as well, and perhaps consulting. Learning a tool through trial and error is costly and time consuming, and it is better to get off on the right foot. Since it is easier to get money allocated all at once instead of piecemeal, be careful not to buy the software first and then decide later you need training or additional services. Although the promise of automation is exciting, realize that test tools do not work by themselves. Buying a test tool is like buying a treadmill the only weight you lose is in your wallet! You must use the equipment, do the exercises, and sweat it out to get the benefits. Also understand that even though test automation saves time and resources in the long run, in the short term it will require more than
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If you are working to overcome a drug problem, relapse prevention can help you reach your goals. One question you may wish to ask a potential therapist or counselor before entering treatment concerns how much emphasis the treatment or therapy will place on relapse prevention strategies. As treatment or therapy unfolds, make sure to openly share when you have cravings and urges, so that your counselor or therapist can help you identify what may be triggering those. Also share what have been high-risk situations for using drugs in the past so that you can develop plans to protect yourself from those situations after treatment or therapy is completed. Your relapse prevention plan will help remind you of what to do to successfully cope with high-risk situations when you are confronted with them. If you are facing a tough situation in which you are tempted to use drugs, your plan will remind you to seek help. Contact your counselor or therapist before you use drugs, if possible. Even if you do have a lapse, remember that it is not the end of the world, but rather a chance to improve your recovery plan. Remember to call your counselor or therapist as soon as you can after a lapse. Lapses are not unusual and your counselor or therapist can help you return to recovery.
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Implemented Web Agents
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An adapter-based service is more standard compliant than a plain adapter. For example, the service uses XML and WSDL. But, it does not use SOAP. Depending on the vendor, an adapter-based service supports just enough standard for it to be usable by a business process orchestration. An orchestration treats all services in a uniform manner. A service may be a Web Service, a human task, an adapter-based service, or another orchestration. An adapter-based service is interoperable with a consumer that is developed using the same SOA platform as the service itself. For example, if you build the adapter-based service using Oracle, the orchestration must also be developed using Oracle. This may be an acceptable limitation in the beginning. After all, chances are high that you will adopt a single SOA vendor. Eventually, you will face two problems: 1. In a large organization, you may have divisions that use a different SOA vendor. They will not be able to use your adapter-based services. 2. You may have a business partner that wishes to use your service. Once again, that will be possible only if the other organization uses the same SOA platform as yours. You must make your services fully interoperable to solve these problems. Of course, that means you need to create Web Services. There are three options when it comes to exposing a legacy application as a Web Service: 1. You can develop your own Web Service. This service acts as liaison between the consumer and the legacy enterprise software. 2. An SOA platform vendor can automatically expose an adapterbased service as a Web Service. 3. You can wait for your legacy software s vendor to natively support Web Services. Exhibit 4.3 shows options 1 and 2. To summarize, just because someone tells you that SOA uses standards that make services easy to integrate into your IT infrastructure
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Figure 2.1 Making Web content machine-understandable requires disentangling the meaningful content from the markup. Separating structure and presentation is only part of the answer. XML goes further by allowing self-de ning tags to set apart meaningful parts of the text
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