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Your Intellectual Property Isn t Safe
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The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties
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The Front Office: Driving Sales and Growth Better economies of scale Expanded geographic areas of client coverage Decreased costs of sales lead generation Increased use of low/no cost external salesforces
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Alternatively, you could apply templates to the transaction element at that index, and have the template that matches it select the appropriate number of subsequent siblings:
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NetBIOS Data Movement
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Most of the areas can be understood through secondary research and a brief telephone conversation with the prospect. Though it depends on your pipeline and sales structure, securing an in-person meeting with a prospective buyer assuming a financial decision maker or senior staffer who inf luences spending decisions will be present is almost always a good idea. Regardless of whether the potential to serve that organization is a perfect fit, you ll be giving your firm the opportunity to display its capabilities and make a favorable first impression, which often leads to related opportunities. The high-net worth financial community that I m involved with is small and tight-knit, says Antony Abiatti, a director at SCS Financial, so any time I can get in front of a member of that community and leave them with a positive impression of my firm, it s time well-spent. However, at the same time, you want to make sure scarce sales resources are deployed effectively. To do that, your organization should already have in place a target client profile to use as a guide during the screening process. A prospect s size, industry specialty, geography, and buyer description (CEO, CIO, general manager, etc.) should be established based on the organization s success and failures serving diverse customers. IN-PERSON MEETING AND PRESENTATION. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. There s no better opportunity to showcase your firm than during an uninterrupted, in-person 45 minutes with a prospective buyer. Making the most of that meeting that is, taking the necessary steps to successfully secure a second meeting requires staying focused on two initiatives:
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3. At each peak, delay noncritical tasks within their float. Remember that float is schedule flexibility. Tasks with float can be delayed without changing the project deadline. By delaying these tasks, you ll also be filling in the valleys of the resource histogram, that is, moving tasks from periods of too much work to periods when there is too little work. This means that you will need fewer people, and they will be more productive, but the deadline will stay the same. (A comparison of the initial schedule in Figure 7.11 with the leveled schedule in Figure 7.12 demonstrates how task 5 was delayed within its float, thus removing a resource peak for the homeowner on June 24.) 4. Eliminate the remaining peaks by reevaluating the work package estimates. Using the project float in step 3 may not be enough to eliminate all the peaks and valleys. For example, instead of having two or three people working together on a task, consider whether just one person could do the work over a longer period of time. (Task 12 in Figure 7.12 was changed from two teenagers for one day to one teen for three days.) Alternatively, available people might be added to a task to shorten its duration. When performing these changes, take note that each change to a work package estimate is going to change the amount of float, or time flexibility, for that task. In other words, after changing a work package estimate, you will need to return to step 4 and recalculate the initial schedule. Then you will also need to repeat the first three steps of resource leveling. (This kind of recalculation is made much easier by using project management software.) TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine ! 161
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