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However, there is no conclusive evidence for a direct causal relationship, perhaps with the exception of the development of exhaustion during exercise of 10 s to 15 min in duration (Roberts & Smith 1989). At a pH of 6.5, 99.8% of lactic acid exists in its ionized form (Sahlin & Henriksson 1984). The dissociation of lactic acid into lactate and H+ causes marked increases in H+ concentrations. It is thought that the effects of lactate accumulation on decreases in force production are mediated primarily through this increase in H+ and subsequent decrease in pH (Roberts & Smith 1989). An increase in the H+ concentration resulting in direct inhibition of force generating capacity has been reported by numerous studies (Hultman et al. 1990). Similar effects on muscle force were observed when pH declines between 7.0 and 6.5 (Hultman et al. 1990) as commonly and consistently occurs during exercise (Fig. 2.4; Fitts 1994). Hydrogen ion accumulation has been reported to have numerous negative effects on force generating capacity (Fig. 2.4). These include: inhibition of phosphofructokinase (PFK) which may slow glycolysis (Brooks et al. 1996; Fitts 1994; Maclaren et al. 1989; Sahlin 1992); displacement of calcium from troponin thereby interfering with muscle contraction (Brooks et al. 1996; Maclaren et al. 1989); stimulation of pain receptors; side effects such as nausea and disorientation and limiting the release of free fatty acids into the circulation (Brooks et al. 1996); reduction in the number of cross-bridge attachments; reduction in the force per cross-bridge; prolonged muscle relaxation time; inhibition of ATPase (Fitts 1994); and inhibition of the generation of action potentials (Maclaren et al. 1989). Again, it has been reported that factors other than pH may be related to fatigue, evidenced by an inconsistent time course of recovery between force and pH (Fitts & Holloszy 1978; Metzger & Fitts 1987). Further, patients with McArdle s syndrome (a congenital lack of myophosphorylase) who cannot produce lactic acid, demonstrate muscle fatigue at a greater rate than normal (Edwards & Wiles 1981; Wiles et al. 1981) and PFK-de cient patients show almost no change in pH during exercise (Edwards et al. 1982).
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2: Reformatting Strings and Text punctuation characters in a string variable and then seeing if the character is part of that set of punctuation characters:
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known distance). This increased variance for openloop tests shows the importance placed on knowing the expected outcome and the importance of being able to adjust pace in accordance with afferent sensory feedback signals. While some studies have researched each type of test (open- vs. closed-loop test) separately in the same subjects (Laursen et al. 2003a c), there are no known studies that have directly compared the two. Two recent studies using the same subjects examined the reproducibility of both a closed-loop 40-km cycle time trial (Laursen et al. 2003a) and an openloop time-to-exhaustion test at the power output associated with Vo2max (Laursen et al. 2003b). Both tests were repeated following familiarization tests, at the same time of day, and about 1 week apart. The variation of performance times between the two trials (expressed as the CV) was markedly lower for the time trial (1 1%; Laursen et al. 2003a) compared with the time-to-exhaustion test (6 6%; Laursen et al. 2003b). Thus, knowing the task at hand (i.e., test distance) appeared to be responsible for lowering the variation in performance times compared with the open-ended time-to-exhaustion test. In the latter mentioned study, the last of the two timeto-exhaustion tests was found to be signi cantly longer than the rst (Laursen et al. 2003b). The authors attributed this nding to the psychologic affect associated with performing the last test. Physiologic variables in this study were not different between trials, and the performance difference could only be attributed to psychologic factors; the knowledge of the trial being the last task somehow in uencing performance time (Gleser & Vogel 1971; Hickey et al. 1992; Laursen et al. 2003b). However, there was no difference found for these same subjects in their 40 km time-trial performances (Laursen et al. 2003a). While all this evidence suggests that closed-loop time-trial tests have a reduced variability compared with those of open-loop time-to-exhaustion tests, no study has directly compared the variation between open- and closed-loop exercise trials of equivalent workloads in the same subjects. In addition, there is some evidence to suggest that prolonged submaximal exercise tests have an improved reproducibility when compared with shorter high-intensity
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When referring to mass customization the authors are referring to the ability of individual customers to modify the appearance and the look, sound, and feel of the UI. We are exiting an era when the mass customization potential for cell phones was largely limited to ringtones and display wall paper and entering into a period when virtually all aspects of our wireless handsets could be customized by the owner of the device. As discussed above regarding the personalization bene ts from the integration of ash memory into cellular handsets, personalization has become a signi cant subindustry serving the cellular market. The increasing power and performance of handsets enables users to leverage simple software tools to create new display graphics, or download ringtones and other multimedia enhancements that are highly personal and unique to them. The ability to select special colors, texture, and other surface treatments for cellular handset cases, or wrappers as they are sometimes referred to, will also take on added importance as users continue to seek ways to individualize their possessions. In addition, because of the incorporation of low cost, high capacity storage into small form factor electronic devices, service providers and content developers are able to provide either prestored content that is accessible to users using an access key purchased from the rights holder or, alternatively, real-time (or time-shifted) downloadable applications either from the network service providers own inventory ( walled-garden content) or in an open system directly from the public Internet. The addition of lanyards, key fobs, antenna options, and pulse lights that ash during conversations are extremely popular cell phone accessories in Asia at the present time. At the upper end of the phone fashion phenomena are the diamond-encrusted and gold-plated handsets that crossbreed consumer electronics with high fashion and ne jewelry. Each of these examples demonstrates the desire for human beings to personalize their possessions and to enjoy participating in the never-ending game of fashion one-upmanship. As true broadband is added as a feature to the phones of the near future, the novelty of pure speed will wear off quickly and the bandwidth will be applied by creative practitioners to deliver new forms of customization to the wireless communications business.
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This creation of client sequence described above would change if the entire system is moved to the Internet or if it provides for an Internet interface that allows clients or potential clients to carry out some functions in this case, that of creating their own details. Figure 4.20 shows the creation of client on the Internet sequence. The actual sending of messages, as you would have noticed, remains the same. These are the creation of Person and validation of Person followed by adding Client, its validation and addition of Client Details. Once again, this diagram has text description on the left and some notes. The most interesting and most important aspect of this diagram is the fact that all the actions or messages that the Client object was receiving in Figure 4.19 from the Account Executive are now all received from the InternetClient. This is important for
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constant improvement, introspection, evaluation, analysis, change, and then analysis, introspection, and change over and over again. There are many other ways of measuring your customers satisfaction, expectations, and demands. Mail surveys and face-to-face interviews are just two examples. However the firm decides to gather data about client satisfaction, the important point is to work from the viewpoint of the client. Firm personnel need to be gathering information about a client s experience with the firm every time they encounter the client. A strategically managed firm must be willing to accept criticism, input, and suggestions from the marketplace it serves.
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The Num-Min-Consistent-Pronunciations header field is used to specify the minimum number of consistent pronunciations that must be obtained from the user before the enrolled phrase can be committed to the personal grammar. The NLSML contained in the RECOGNITION-COMPLETE event indicates the number of repetitions still needed in the <num-repetitions-still-needed> element (see 10). The Num-Min-Consistent-Pronunciations header field may be specified on a per-START-PHRASE-ENROLLMENT request basis or set for the session via the SET-PARAMS request. The minimum value and default value is 1. Example: Num-Min-Consistent-Pronunciations: 1
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Fig. 15.5 Autonomic dysre exia. 1, Distended bladder; 2, sympathetic autonomic nervous system stimulation; 3, baroreceptor stimulation in carotid sinuses and aortic arch; 4, brainstem stimulation of heart via vagus nerve resulting in bradycardia and vasodilation above the level of injury.
critical or simply harder to deliver will be scheduled for later phases of the project to allow progress on the immediate requirements. The quick win strategy, as a part of your project methodology, can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the project s exposure to risk. A project framework, form documents, and a quick win philosophy provide certain economies. They keep project teams from reinventing the wheel. They allow you to identify, coordinate, and control project interdependencies. They help you move quickly to deliver value. But, perhaps most importantly, they allow the project teams to focus on the real issue, delivering the project, and improve the chances that the project will be on time, within budget, and deliver the expected value. Project teams want to succeed. A project, however, is a minefield where ignoring principals of change management or working to the wrong requirements or underestimating the effort can make even a project that delivers what it promised look to its customers like a failure. A project framework rigorously applied can help avoid these mines. It also provides the project team comfort that it is proceeding properly and, as a result, instills an attitude of success. A valid business justification should support every project undertaken at a law firm. This concept is easy to understand but oftentimes is hard to put into practice. Since projects cost money, it is best to justify them with money arguments. That approach is not, however, always feasible. A project might be justified because the firm s biggest client demands it. A project might be justified because it fits the firm s strategy. A project might be justified in that it makes life easier for the firm s attorneys, even if there is no direct financial gain. In short, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to determining business justification. There are, however, some accepted and customary approaches that should be considered. For projects that will provide a direct and readily measurable income stream or cost savings, a financial analysis may be appropriate. This analysis can take many forms, but usually it includes a spreadsheet of project and ongoing operating costs set against income and cost savings over time. The project may be justified from a business perspective if this analysis shows the project breaks even or shows gain within a reasonable time period. This does not mean, however, that other nonfinancial issues should be ignored; this financial analysis is one justification, not necessarily the whole story. For example, assume a mid-size office is considering whether to implement an automated fax solution for an office. The solution has a project cost (hardware, software, personnel resource cost) and an ongoing cost (software and hardware maintenance and support). The solution also provides financial benefits. It replaces a mail room employee. It provides an income stream through cost recovery (net of what was previously charged, if any). Comparing the costs involved with the costs saved and potential income and factoring in the potential that e-mail is replacing faxing (this requires an assumption as to
every minute selling, selling, selling. Each day required 100 percent focus on and attention to customers. . . . I had a powerful desire and determination to succeed. What I possessed was deeper than a goal or destination. I had a determination to be successful. One of the benefits of being passionate about your vision is that the enthusiasm you exert is often contagious. If you believe with all your heart and soul in what you are trying to accomplish, that belief will begin to be shared by others. When you are passionate about your dreams, your actions tend to reflect a level of zeal and fervor that others can t help but notice. Although many of your associates will share your beliefs, there are those who will have no interest whatsoever in your ideas. While it is okay to share your vision with others, be careful not to impose it on them. Writing of his own personal experience, Jim affirms, One thing I learned through reading and observation is that there is a degree of fanaticism in some individuals that allows passion to actively destroy them in the long run. . . . Over the years I have learned to back off when others are smothered by my passion and determination. . . . I finally learned that not everyone can work at my pace. So what As long as they treat customers right, delight them, and give Gallery their best, I can live with it. It took me years to learn the lesson that everyone is different and to respect these differences. I encourage you to adapt the second principle of power, the principle of passion, in your pursuit of success. Believe with all of your heart, might, mind, and soul in the principles for which you stand. Transform your enthusiasm into determination and focused action tempered by respect for others. The fervent application of this principle has propelled many individuals to success. The principle of passion can help you to achieve your dreams.
Ensure that your cables and connectors are of the proper SCSI type, such as Narrow or Wide, and that the number of pins matches the number of pins on your devices. A Narrow SCSI bus uses an 8-bit channel to communicate, and uses a 50-pin connector. A Wide bus uses a 16-bit channel to communicate, and uses a 68-pin connector. Each end of the SCSI bus needs to be terminated, or else the electronic signals will bounce off the end of the bus, and reflect back onto the SCSI channel, disrupting communications. Most host adapters have the ability to automatically terminate its end of the SCSI bus, but another terminator will be needed to terminate the last device on the other side of the chain. There can be no breaks or gaps in the bus chain; each device must connected to another, or terminated. Ensure that the terminator is of the proper type for your SCSI system, and offers the appropriate resistance level for termination.
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