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Exhibit 12.3 Top-Down Strategic Management Objectives
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Exhibit A.3 shows an example of how two software applications can engage in a conversation. It is possible that it may take a few days for the seller to prepare a price quote. In that case, the buyer-side application should not wait after sending the request. Once the price quote is ready, the seller should contact the buyer and send the quote. This type of interactive communication is called conversation. In this example, there are two separate interactions taking place. Each interaction has a request and acknowledgment message. Conversation is an important pattern and highly recommended in situations where the service provider cannot immediately service a request. However, conversation brings in a few extra problems that plain SOAP messaging cannot cope with:
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Standards in SOA
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One of our greatest obstacles in life is that demon we call Fear. Just as surely as risk is introduced into the equation of success, so must failure be factored in. This is not to say that you will necessarily fail, but, rather, that the possibility for failure exists, and when that possibility is present, you must be prepared to properly deal with it. Failure is a natural part of learning. It is a completely natural process in most aspects of life. Just because you fail at something does not mean you are a failure. You become a failure only when you fail to continue failing. Many people are defeated by the fear of failure. They do not even make it to the failure stage because they are afraid to try. They are afraid of failing. They fear the unknown because it represents areas beyond the boundaries of their own comfort zone. They fear what others may think of them. They fear ridicule and derision by their friends, and sadly enough, even by their own families. They are told it cannot be done, so why bother trying Some friends or acquaintances act as a great weight placed about your shoulders. If you are not careful, this weight will act as an anchor, holding you steadfastly in place, keeping you from reaching your true potential. You must choose your friends wisely. You must choose friends who will act as buoys, lifting you up rather than weighing you down. And as for your family members, you can objectively consider their advice, and then choose the course of action you believe to be best for you, regardless of their opinions. As your family observes your own progress, their attitudes will change, and you may even discover that they will come to you for advice from time to time. I know from my own personal experience that even though I have become more comfortable with risk over the years, there are still times when the lit- code datamatrix
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wants everything about them to be known. We all have our secrets and more systems like TRW will make those secrets increasingly hard to keep. But according to today s papers, the biggest problem with computers is the hackers. People who do little more than type some numbers onto a terminal and do a little bit of thinking are referred to alternately as computer geniuses and computer bandits by the media. And nearly every story written about such things is full of astronomical lapses, misinformation, corporate sympathy, and the obligatory Donn Parker quotes. The Washington Post recently did a three-part story on computer crime, which said absolutely nothing new. It could have been manufactured by a computer program! Meanwhile, legislators are tripping over themselves trying to get laws passed to control these computer people before they take over the world. The intensity with which the FBI has chased hackers in the past year or so indicates the power they think those with computers either have or are capable of achieving. And most of this fuss is being made over people simply accessing other systems. What in the world is going to be the reaction when people finally start to use the computers, to calculate and design A new bill has been proposed to outlaw computer crime. Isn t that wonderful Do you know what they consider a computer crime Personal use of a computer in the workplace. This means that if an office worker were to open a file and write a note to himself reminding him to stop at the store later on, he d be committing a felony. Plans are also in the works for bills that would add penalties to crimes that were committed with the help of computers. In other words, stealing is stealing, but stealing with a computer is stealing and a half. The hysteria continues. The United States government is doing everything in its power to prevent the Soviets from obtaining computers that are practically a dime a dozen here. What good could this possibly achieve in the long run And why pick on the computer It s not a weapon in itself, but merely a tool. A vital tool, yes, but still a tool. It s clear that computer people are in for an era of harassment from the authorities, who haven t been this riled up since Prohibition. And everyone else will be getting it from the computer abusers, who insist on tracking everything that moves. We can survive by staying awake. But we d better start working on it.
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It became increasingly clear that a well-functioning family has to possess the available knowledge about the illness itself and coping skills specific to a particular disorder, skills that are often nascent and even counterintuitive in families. For instance, it may be natural for well-meaning family members to want to adamantly argue with an ill loved one on a daily basis that his or her delusions are not true, even though such direct and frequent confrontations may result in increased stress and symptom exacerbation. Given that perspective, the most adaptive family was seen to be the one that has access to information, with the implication that the treatment system is a crucial source of that information. As to coping skills, many families develop methods of dealing with positive (psychotic) and negative (functional and cognitive deficits, such as flattened affect, loss of energy, and apathy) symptoms, functional disabilities, and the desperation of their ill relatives through painful trial and error. Successes, however, are rare. Many families need access to each other to learn of other families successes and failures and to establish a repertoire of coping strategies that are closely tailored to the disorder. Further, family members and significant others involved in the lives and care of adults with serious mental illnesses often provide emotional and instrumental support, case management functions, financial assistance, advocacy, and housing to their relative with mental illness. Doing so can be rewarding but poses considerable burdens (Adamec, 1996; Cochrane et al., 1997; Leff, 1994; McFarlane, Lukens, et al., 1995). Family members often find that access to needed resources and information is lacking (Adamec, 1996; Marsh, 1992; Marsh & Johnson, 1997). Even with this new perspective, it took many years to revive interest and effort in the treatment of families coping with severe mental illness. Investigators began to recognize the crucial role families played in outcomes after an acute episode of schizophrenia had occurred and endeavored to engage families collaboratively. Therapists shared illness information, suggested behaviors to promote recuperation, and taught coping strategies to reduce their sense of burden (Anderson, Hogarty, & Reiss, 1980; Falloon, Boyd, & McGill, 1984; Goldstein, Rodnick, Evans, May, & Steinberg, 1978; Leff, Kuipers, Berkowitz, Eberlein-Vries, & Sturgeon, 1982). The group of interventions that emerged became known as family psychoeducation. The psychoeducational approach recognizes that schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, are biological disorders that are only partially remediable by medication and that family members behavior can significantly impact the relative s recovery. Thus, the psychoeducational approach shifted away from attempting to get families to change their disturbed communication patterns toward educating and persuading families on how to behave toward the ill member to facilitate recovery. This education included methods to compensate for deficits and sensitivities specific to the various psychotic disorders. For example, family members might interfere with recuperation if in their natural enthusiasm to promote progress they created unreasonable demands and expectations. The same family members could have a dramatically positive effect on recovery by gradually increasing expectations and supporting an incremental return of functioning. Several models have evolved to address the needs of families of persons with mental illness: individual consultation and family psychoeducation conducted by a mental health professional (Anderson, Reiss, & Hogarty, 1986; Falloon et al., 1984), various
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Exclusive arcs are used to identify relationships where an entity is related to two or more other entities, but only one relationship can exist for a specific entity occurrence. The exclusive arc is represented by a curved line going through two or more relationship lines. Figure 1.8 shows an example of an exclusive arc. The relationships are read as "Each INVENTORY ITEM must be either located at one and only FACILITY or must be located within one and only one CONTAINER, but not both." This communicates that inventory items are stored at one of two types of levels: They are either located at facilities such as a warehouse or stored within containers such as a bin that is located within a facility.
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