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B.7. Consider the circuit shown in Figure B.16.
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8.8.2. Proxy CSCF (P-CSCF) The P-CSCF handles all calls initiated within a home network. When a UE has to make a call or invoke a service, it rst connects with P-CSCF. The PDF functionality (separate unit in 3GPP2) is contained within P-CSCF in 3GPP. 8.8.3. Server CSCF (S-CSCF) The S-CSCF performs the subscription session layer signaling functions services for the subscriber, whether the subscriber is at home or in a foreign network. 8.8.4. Home Subscriber Server (HSS) The HSS performs the database services (e.g., authentication, registration, location) and provides interfaces to the CSCF servers. It is evolved from HLR. 8.8.5. Media Gateways and Associated Control Functions (MGW, MGCF, SGW, BGCF) These gateways and associated functions provide interworking between IP and their respective bearer channels, for example, PSTN, ISDN, PLMN (public land mobile network).
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Organisational Performance and Manufacturing Practices
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The trick here is that the phone companies have all their information about contacting them packed in the front pages of their local telephone directories. In over 15 years of deregulation, it hasn t occurred to most of them to advertise in their own Yellow Pages under Telephone Companies or to put in as big a listing in the White Pages as their Electric Company utility brethren the ones they keep passing in the halls of the Public Service Commission offices but never need to talk to. Keep in mind that the telephone book publishing arm of those same phone companies has been spun-off so the right hand really doesn t know what the left hand is doing, because it isn t its own left hand any more! The other problem is when callers call out-of-state DA at NPA-555-1212 (NPA is Numbering Plan Area, the Telcos in-house term for Area Codes ), the White Pages listings are never clear as to where an out-of-state caller should call about discussing a bill. Actually, I should compliment BellSouth here. They actually do have a specific number for out-of-state callers to dial. Let me tell you why. The number in most BellSouth states to reach the Telco for residential customers is 780-2355 (780-BELL). It s always a local number wherever you call from, and if you live in an area that has 10-digit dialing, you have to use your area code in front of that number to get there. The number is never good from out of state, but most of my colleagues in the call center don t know this and give it out, causing much frustration when the caller calls back to complain and get a good number. It s a toll-free number and clearly marked out-of-state, but most callers don t want the Toll-Free Number Runaround. They want a direct number, then get the recording that the number in the 780 exchange is not valid. So how does a Telco go about changing the listings in the directory database that I (and my 600 friends in my call center) use every day Do what we tell people who call wondering why their number isn t in our directory: Call your Local Phone Company, and make sure they have your listing correct. Our information is updated from the information that they provide to us. So there it is. Get with it, you Telcos! Get your act together and pretend you re just another American company. Even you need to check your company s telephone book listings once in a while. Make sure your customers can find you when they call directory assistance, whether they re in town or across the country just like every other company has to. Otherwise, your customers will go to that CLEC across town. Usually, they can be found in the phone book!
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Strategies Need Plans
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Cars Without Secrets
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Liu et al. (2009) proposed two localized geographical multiratecast protocols: maximum rate multicast (MRM) and optimal rate cost multicast (ORCM). These two protocols are similar to PBM and GMR (described in Section 5.1) in the sense where they both extend the GFG principle (Bose et al., 1999 or Section 4.5) to the multicast context, and take into account the wireless multicast advantage. The major difference is that they consider the different rates while making decisions, and aim at minimizing the rate-based metric described in the previous paragraph. Regarding assumptions, the protocols assume an ideal MAC layer without loss and that each node is individually capable of forwarding data at the maximum rate among destinations. The routing choices are solely made by looking at local neighbor positions with respect to destination positions; there is no routing table or global overlay structure needed to be built. Finally, the network topology can change between two consecutive routing tasks without other cost than updating the new positions of destinations or the sources, if changed.
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Example 2.1:
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the account receivable that results when the Euro declines in value and the gain that results when the Euro increases in value. The behavior of a hedge using a forward contract versus an option is summarized in Exhibit 12.7. The symmetrical behavior of the forward contract in its hedging application is evident in Exhibit 12.7. In each of the four combinations of exposure and exchange rate movement the gains and losses on the balance sheet exposure are offset in turn by the losses and gains on the forward contracts. However, the option contracts produce offsetting gains and losses only in those cases where the unfavorable exchange rate change takes place.18 Notice that a gain is produced on the option contract to offset the loss on the balance sheet asset exposure when the foreign currency depreciated. Currency depreciation when the firm has asset exposure is an unfavorable rate movement. In the case of liability exposure, notice that a gain is produced by the option contact when the foreign currency appreciated. The corollary of appreciation of the foreign currency is depreciation of the dollar. This is an unfavorable rate movement because it causes the dollar value of the liability to increase. In the other two cases, where the option contracts expire without value, the currency movements are favorable: (a) asset exposure and the foreign currency appreciated and (b) liability exposure and the foreign currency depreciated. The positions taken in the forward and option contracts differ based upon the nature of the foreign-currency exposure. With the forward contract, the foreign currency is purchased in the case of liability exposure and sold in the
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You really have to hand it to those folks over at MCI. First they tackle Ma Bell and now they re going after the U.S. Postal Service! MCI Mail s slogan, The Nation s New Postal System, is printed on every bright orange envelope that they send through, you guessed it, U.S. Mail. On this system, a user is assigned a mailbox that he can use to send and receive mail. Sending is done either electronically, that is, to other people with MCI mailboxes or through the post office, which covers everybody else in the world. The first type of letter will cost you $1 for the first three pages while the second type is double the cost. It s also possible to send an overnight letter ($6) or a four-hour letter ($25) to some places. The purpose of MCI Mail is to stimulate the use of electronic mail by making it more accessible to the average person. For that we must give them credit anybody can get an account on this system! There is no start-up fee and no monthly fee of any kind. To get an account, all you have to do is call them either by voice or data. If you call by data (see page 5 of April issue of 2600 for numbers), you ll have to enter REGISTER as the username and REGISTER as the password. The rest is self-explanatory. After a couple of weeks, you ll get in the mail (regular mail, that is) a big orange envelope that has, among other things, your password. With this info, you re now free to log onto the system, look for people you know, send and retrieve messages, read all of their help files, or even hop onto the Dow Jones News Service (watch it though that can get pretty expensive!). The system is set up on a network of VAXes throughout the country. They ve been operating since September 1983 and claim to have over 100,000 subscribers. Many of these are actually subscribers to the Dow Jones service, who are automatically given MCI Mail accounts whether they want them or not. While the rates aren t overly expensive, they re certainly not cheap. Mailing regular letters is much cheaper and often just as fast since not every MCI Mail user checks their mailbox every day. Apart from that, though, there are many problems with the system as it stands now. For one thing, it can take forever getting on it, particularly through the 800 numbers. When you finally do get a carrier, you should get a message like this after hitting two returns: Port 20. Please enter your user name:
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