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Let me give you an example of each one of these file types, beginning with a simple HTML file that runs an IDC script (see Figure 11.2). I ve included a screen capture showing how it looks in the browser (see Figure 11.3). The form for the HTML code in Figure 11.2 consists of one field (Search) and a button that runs TEST.IDC in the \scripts directory off of the web server root. Here are the contents of TEST.IDC:
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ABC Corporation
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4.2.7 Supplied Constructs
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Ontologies and the Semantic Web for E-learning , IFETS Journal Special Issue, 7(4), October 2004 (ifets.info). The journal addresses education issues. Ontology speci cation languages for the Semantic Web , Asuncion Gomez-Perez, and Oscar Corcho, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Jan/Feb 2002 (www.computer.org/intelligent/). Most issues of this periodical have one or more articles relating to intelligent agents and other aspects of sweb technology. Intelligent Agents Meet the Semantic Web in Smart Spaces , IEEE Internet Computing, 8(6), Nov/ Dec 2004. This periodical has occasional sweb-speci c articles. Just before the publication process stopped further updates, I ran across the following highly interesting article about a study in how easy sweb implementation can be: The Semantic Web in One Day , York Sure, Pascal Hitzler, Andreas Eberhart, and Rudi Studer, in IEEE Intelligent Systems, May/June 2005. To determine just how far Semantic Web technologies have come, the authors created a snapshot of what you could do by applying and assembling existing Semantic Web technologies in one day. In the summary section, the authors note: . . . we were surprised to see that the systems that emerged after 24 hours were much more sophisticated and functional than we expected.
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Each firm has differing needs both for the outcomes and associated processes for new service creation. The level of process formalization is largely dependent on the intended outcomes. In keeping with general management principles, large intended outcomes tend to require more formal processes. Process formalization has two primary benefits. First, it is useful for helping ensure successful outcomes. Second, formalization may be used as evidence to assert the firm s ownership rights over its intellectual property. This section provides a discussion of several interrelated topics benefits, definitions, expectations, processes, and roles. Benefits associated with formality in the service offering creation are presented followed by a distinction among three terms (service lines, service offerings, and capabilities). Setting expectations for the firm s service offering creation effort is then discussed. Finally, a proposed process to support the creation of new service offerings and the associated roles needed to support the creation process are discussed.
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Department of Management, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
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Ureter Bladder
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If a function is imported by name, its IMAGE_THUNK_DATA DWORD contains an RVA for an IMAGE_IMPORT_BY_NAME structure. An IMAGE_IMPORT_BY_NAME structure is very simple, and looks like this:
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The cash return on investment is often referred to as the cash on cash return. It is the ratio of the remaining cash after debt service to invested capital: Cash ROI = remaining cash after debt service cash investment
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Rec.gambling.poker (a Usenet group)
1 5 10 18 1 1 4 2 Takes a while to learn the features of new lines 1 Good balance between active selling and just being helpful 3 After sales (alterations, other bespoke elements) well handled 2 Availability and choice knowledge poor 3 Takes it all very seriously 2 Overall, a less effective salesperson 10 9
Expectations and assignments differ, depending on the task at hand and the skill set of the tester. For example, different types of tests, test approaches, techniques, and outcomes are expected. Once the expectations are set, the test manager can start comparing the production of the test team against the preset goals, tasks, and schedules, measuring the effectiveness and implementation. The following is a list of items to consider when evaluating testers effectiveness.
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