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& Lee 1999; Masters 1992; Wulf & Weigelt 1997). Williams and Hodges (2005) noted that for precise replication of a technique, demonstrations were preferred, as these played a signi cant part in aiding motor learning (Haguenauer et al. 2005; Magill & Schoenfelder-Zohdi 1996). Hodges and Franks (2002) also indicated that demonstrations were effective particularly when the activity being taught was based on combining movements for which the athlete had a prior degree of pro ciency. However, in situations involving novice learners it was important to provide some verbal instruction to avoid either overload, or the learner may attend to inappropriate cues during the demonstration (McCullagh et al. 1990; Weiss & Klint 1987). Further, demonstrations may be less effective when used to try and re ne an existing movement pattern (Horn & Williams 2004). From a coaching perspective, the combination of verbal instruction and demonstration is desirable for most sports, but it does depend on the type of skills being taught, and the level and motivation of the athletes being trained. Implicit versus explicit perceptual learning Perceptual skill learning is a relatively new area in the motor skill acquisition literature and has become fashionable in many coaching circles. Underpinning the issue of perceptual learning is the concept that expert performers have an enhanced cognitive knowledge of their sport. This is based on their ability to recognize cues of relevance and patterns of play, superiority in anticipating opponent s actions, and greater accuracy in expectations of what is likely to happen given a particular set of circumstances (Williams & Grant 1999). This expertise is developed primarily as a result of long-term sport-speci c experience. However, Abernethy (1993) explored the concepts of whether there were any potential training methods that could be employed to enhance the development of perceptual skill in sport as an alternative to years of task-speci c practice. A key issue within the perceptual skill acquisition domain is the importance of implicit versus explicit learning processes (Magill 1998; Williams & Grant 1999). The arguments surrounding this issue center
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Consolidation and Standardization
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Figure 5-5. An example of PCF/DCF operation. On receiving the beacon (B) from access point, stations set their NAV variable to allow contention free communication.
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Athletes must be educated on all aspects of HIV, including transmission, consequences of being infected, and, most importantly, prevention. It must be made clear to athletes that risk of transmission is greater off the eld than on the eld. Physicians must therefore educate the athletes on risk behavior off the eld. All athletes in whom HIV testing is advisable or indicated must be counseled fully. All tests must be voluntary and preceded by informed consent. Under no circumstances should the athlete be coerced to submit to testing. There should also be post-test counseling of all athletes irrespective of the result. All those who test negative must be counseled to remain negative. Athletes with HIV infection present a slightly different challenge to the team physician. The challenge is to ensure that the disease is closely monitored, contained, and not spread to others who might be in close contact (on or off the eld) and to also ensure that continued participation in sports does not worsen the condition. It is also necessary to monitor performance to ensure that it is not negatively affected by the disease state (Table 10.10). Medical personnel can assist in preventing the transmission of HIV disease in sports people are by treating all open skin lesions sustained during sports participation appropriately before allowing the sports person to return to the playing eld (Table 10.11). The team physician also has a duty to educate sports administrators, including coaches, trainers,
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TVAR6 <15>
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Offset 48h in a retail Windows 95 heap is a pointer to the next heap created with HeapCreate for this process. Note that the next heap is different than the next subheap given in the field at offset 4. The region pointed to by a nonzero pointer in this field (offset 0x48) is a full-fledged heap. This field will be 0 unless the process calls HeapCreate.
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Required Calculate basic earnings per share. Solution
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Case Study 1 Facts XYZ Inc., as part of its cash management activities, invested $10 million in redeemable preference shares (within three months from the date of their redemption). To do so, XYZ instructed its bank to use a maturing time deposit (a two-month fixed deposit) with the bank. Required Determine how XYZ Inc. would treat in its cash flow statement the cash outflows resulting from the investment of funds in redeemable preferred shares and the cash inflows resulting from the withdrawal of funds from the bank by using a maturing time deposit. Solution These would not be considered either as a cash inflow or a cash outflow for the purposes of the cash flow statement of XYZ Inc. because both activities are part of the entity s cash management and comprised movements between components of cash equivalents.
table 13.1
Star Schema Design Tables and Columns
When Hackers Ride Horses: A Review of Cyberpunk (Summer, 1991)
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