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Now that I've covered the basics of disassemblers, let's look at a real-world example to show how these concepts can be applied. For this example, I'm going to use the routine in the Windows NT CLOCK.EXE that switches the program between having a titlebar and not having a titlebar. I chose this function for two reasons. First, since I've already examined this routine from the perspective of spy programs, we can do a bit of sanity checking by comparing the results of the two methods. And second, the source for CLOCK comes with the samples that Microsoft ships for Win32 programming. With this, you'll be able to judge how accurate the disassembly process was. For this example, I'll use the output from my own disassembler. I could just as easily have used Microsoft's own DUMPBIN program. However, my disassembler automates some of the things that you'd have to do by hand with the DUMPBIN program, in particular, matching up the call to an API function with its symbolic name. Here's the initial output from the disassembler for the routine in question:
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The match patterns for the templates assess the option elements by their position in document order, not in the order that they're being processed. The result is as follows:
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As noted, CSRs may not consent to the above control practices. CSRs may have different ideas from management on the management of the call centre or how customers should be served. CSRs are also likely to disagree with practices they view as having deleterious personal consequences. Labour process theory has illuminated the individual and collective
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Electronic Jan 1, Nov 1, 50 1995 1999 Electronic Jan 1, 1995 Electronic Nov 2, 1999 Nov 2, 1999 50 50 $125
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Exhibit 2.1 (Continued)
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This equation expresses x(t) as a linear combination of the n orthonormal func k tions fk (t) sinc 2W t 2W for k 0, 1, . . . , n 2 1. Another way to say this is that, over the considered interval of length T seconds, x(t) the n-dimensional lies in k subspace having the n orthonormal functions sinc 2W t 2W for k 0,1, . . . , n21 as a basis. But x(t) is an arbitrary function such that its Fourier transform is identically zero for j f j ! W. Recalling that the dimension of a vector space is the number of elements in a basis for the space, we can summarize as:
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Using an extension function is convenient, but it means that your stylesheet is less portable. Using the EXSLT version of the node set() function as above, for example, means that, at time of writing, the stylesheet will only work in the three XSLT processors Saxon, 4XSLT and jd.xslt. Certain processors, such as Saxon and jd.xslt, support the XSLT 1.1 Working Draft in which there are no such things as result tree fragments. If you are using these processors, then you don't have to use the node set() extension function, and can instead assign the variable as follows:
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Appendix A
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<expression>substring($string, string length($line) + 2)</expression>
that at least one major function is quantifiable, workload and results could be charted and graphed to portray an accurate picture of the relative efficiency of each department over time. Examples of quantifiable functions include: Accounts receivable: Total dollars past due by month Billing: Number of bills issued each month and on-time payment statistics Cash collection: Total cash collected Accounts payable: Number of invoices processed (also percentage processed without error); cash discounts achieved Financial planning: Percentage variance of actuals versus forecasts by quarter Human resources: Number of candidates interviewed versus positions accepted; number of separations processed; annual staff turnover rate IT: Number of help desk calls taken; average time to resolve a call Facilities management: Electricity consumption per headcount; maintenance costs per square foot and per headcount
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