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[ALV90] Alverson, Robert; Callahan, David; Cummings, Daniel; Koblenz, Brian; Porter eld, Allan; Smith, Burton; The Tera computer system, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Supercomputing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 11 15, 1990, pp. 1 6. [BUT97] Butenhof, David R.; Programming with POSIX Threads, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1997. [CAR99] Carlson, William; Draper, Jesse; Culler, David; Yelick, Kathy; Brooks, Eugene; Warren, Karen; Introduction to UPC and Language Speci cation, CCS-TR-99-157, IDA/ CCS, Bowie, MD, May 1999. [CUL93] Culler, David E.; Dusseau, Andrea; Goldstein, Seth Copen; Krishnamurthy, Arvind; Lumetta, Steven; von Eicken, Thorsten; Yelick, Katherine; Parallel programming in SplitC, Proceedings of Supercomputing 93, November 1993, pp. 262 273. [DIJ71] Dijkstra, Edsger W., Hierarchical Ordering of Sequential Processes, Acta Informatica 1, 115 138, Springer-Verlag, 1971. [ELG01] El-Ghazawi, Tarek; Carlson, William; Draper, Jesse; UPC Language Speci cations v1.0, http://upc.gwu.edu, February 2001. [ELG03] El-Ghazawi, Tarek; Carlson, William; Draper, Jesse; UPC Language Speci cations v1.1, http://upc.gwu.edu, October 2003. [ELG04] El-Ghazawi, Tarek; Cantonnet, Francois; Saha, Proshanta; Thakur, Rajeev; Ross, Rob; Bonachea, Dan; UPC-IO: A Parallel I/O API for UPC v1.0, July 2004, http:// upc.gmu.edu. [HPF97] High Performance Fortran Forum; High Performance Fortran Language Speci cation, version 2.0, January 1997, http://dacnet.rice.edu/Depts/CRPC/HPFF/index. cfm. [HU00] Hu, Y. Charlie; Lu, Honghui; Cox, Alan L.; Zwaenepoel, Willy; OpenMP for networks of SMPs, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Vol. 60, No. 12, pp. 1512 1530, December 2000. [HWA98] Hwang, Kai; Xu, Zhiwei; Scalable Parallel Computing: Technology, Architecture, Programming, WCB/McGraw-Hill, New York, 1998. [INT95] Intel Scalable Systems Division, Paragon System User s Guide, Order Number 312489-004, May 1995, Hillsboro, OR. [ISO99] ISO/IEC 9899:1999, Programming Languages C, ISO/IEC, December 1999, Geneva, Switzerland.
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6. Producer, the subsystem which forms stable associations that endure for signi cant periods among matterenergy inputs to the system or outputs from its converter, the materials synthesized being for growth, damage repair, or replacement of components of the system, or for providing energy for moving or constituting the system s outputs of products or information markers to its suprasystem.
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The SmartMoney Guide to Long-Term Investing
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58. Which of the following uses an RJ-45 connector A. Fiber-optic B. Coaxial C. 10BaseT D. 10Base2 59. What Network OS would you be using if you had to refer to a HCL A. Novell NetWare B. Unix C. IBM OS/2 D. Microsoft Windows NT 60. Which of the following has the MOST impact on your server security A. Password lock on the application server B. Keeping the server room door locked at all times C. Changing the administration password every seven days D. Only granting administrators and users access to the server room 61. A technician is attempting to do a full restore onto a server from backup tapes. After the technician has put in the second backup tape, the restore stops. The technician tries the backup again, and the restore stops on the second backup tape again. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the failed restore A. The technician is using a DLT tape and not a DAT tape. B. The restore was complete. C. The second tape in the restore is corrupt. D. For a full restore, the technician should only need one tape 62. A manager calls you to report that no one can access the network anymore. Which of the following would be the first thing you should do to diagnose the problem A. Get all the users to reboot their systems. B. Reboot the server and ask the users to log in again. If all the users can log in to the network, examine the server logs for errors. C. Ask more specific questions to determine the source of the problem. D. Escalate the problem to the OS vendor.
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Whether someone who works for you is an employee or an independent contractor is an important question.The answer determines your liability to pay and withhold Federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes, and Federal unemployment tax. In general, someone who performs services for you is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done. The courts have considered many facts in deciding whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee.These facts fall into three main categories: 1. Behavioral control: Facts that show whether the business has a right to direct and control.These include: a. Instructions: An employee is generally told: i. when, where, and how to work ii. what tools or equipment to use iii. what workers to hire or to assist with the work iv. where to purchase supplies and services v. what work must be performed by a specified individual vi. what order or sequence to follow b. Training an employee may be trained to perform services in a particular manner. 2. Financial control: Facts that show whether the business has a right to control the business aspects of the worker s job include: a. The extent to which the worker has unreimbursed expenses b. The extent of the worker s investment c. The extent to which the worker makes services available to the relevant market d. How the business pays the worker e. The extent to which the worker can realize a profit or loss 3. Type of relationship: Facts that show the type of relationship include: a. Written contracts describing the relationship the parties intended to create b. Whether the worker is provided with employee-type benefits c. The permanency of the relationship d. How integral the services are to the principal activity For a worker who is considered your employee, you are responsible for: Withholding Federal income tax, Withholding and paying the employer social security and Medicare tax, Paying Federal unemployment tax (FUTA) Issuing Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, annually, Reporting wages on Form 941, Employer s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. Exhibit 19.1 IRS Guidelines for Establishing Employee and Contactor Relationships
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Value Type Description space separated list of name tests matches elements whose (i.e., qualified names or ) whitespace only text node children should be stripped
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. Kelly, G.A. (1955) The Psychology of Personal Constructs. New York: Norton.
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According to the Heinrich theory, it is the capacity to sweat that allows humans to exercise in the heat by protecting them from developing heatstroke. Indeed, it is the inability to sweat, of those humans born with the congenital absence of sweat glands, that greatly increases their risk for developing heatstroke (Hopkins & Ellis 1996). Until 1969, the advice given to athletes mirrored this historical understanding of how humans evolved this exceptional capacity to lose heat during exercise. Human athletes were advised not to drink during exercise (Noakes 1993, 1995). This advice seems to have worked, because those athletes who followed this guideline repeatedly established world records at all running distances without any evidence that their lives were at unusual risk. Indeed, the retrospective investigation of those few well-remembered cases in which elite athletes suffered serious ill-health during exercise reveals that factors other than an inability to cope with hot exercise conditions usually caused the medical problem (Table 16.2). Rather, illicit drug use was usually involved. Indeed, the immediate reason why doping control was introduced into world sport after 1968 was speci cally to protect athletes from the risk of dying
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4 Geographic Routing in Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Product Requirements
// Parameters: // HANDLE hHeap // ebp+Ox08 // DWORD dwBytes // ebp+OxOC // ebp+0x10 // DWORD dwFlags // Locals: // DWORD newSubHeap // DWORD temp; // HEAP ARENA * pArena // DWORD carvedSize: // DWORD commitSizeBytes, commitSizePages; // FREE LIST HEADER *pFreeList; if ( dwBytes > 0x0FFFFF98 ) { "HPAlloc: request too big\n\r", SLE_WARNING + FStopOnRing3MemoryError InternalSetLastError( ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY ); return 0; _DebugOut(
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