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FROM AD-HOC SOLUTIONS TO SERVICE ORIENTED CAPABILITIES At rst glance, service oriented architecture (SOA) sounds like a techie thing with little relevance to business and delivering customer value. But service orientation is more than just a technical architecture; it is a movement within government organizations and private industry that is transforming business value chains, organizational alignment, and technical delivery capabilities.
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Account Executive intends to maintain a policy and the system responds by asking questions.
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Fig. 6.20b Trussed rafter attic good design.
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Pseudocode for VirtualProtect
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In the Real World
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General Legal Responsibilities
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AUTHOR INDEX Birkinshaw, J., 169 Birnbaum, D., 303 Black, S., 161, 164 Black, S.A., 45, 47 Blackler, F., 78, 135, 137, 140 Blair, T., 176 Blanning, T., 245 Blasi, J., 156, 157, 159 Blickensderfer, E., 107 Blois, K.J., 79, 80 Bloor, R., 256 Blumberg, M., 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 102 Blundell, R., 165 Bly, P.R., 228, 240 Blyton, P., 7, 395, 396 Boddy, D., 11, 60, 74, 77, 117 Bodker, S., 338 Boettger, R.D., 177 Bohlander, G., 166, 167 Bolden, R., 3, 55, 83, 257, 273, 416 Boles, J.S., 303 Borgatti, S., 385 Borrill, C.S., 106 Borucki, C.C., 302 Borys, B., 7, 42 Boswell, W.R., 312 Bottger, P.C., 101, 187 Bouillon, M., 165 Bourdieu, P., 383 Bourrier, M., 377 Bowen, B., 166 Bowen, D.E., 5, 38, 45, 120, 237 Bowen, D.W., 236 Bowers, C.A., 107 Bowie, N., 385 Boxall, P., 6, 124, 404 Bracken, D.W., 220 Bracker, J.S., 182 Bradach, J.L., 375 Bramer, W.L., 120 Brass, D.J., 105 Braverman, H., 7, 127 Bray, P., 258 Brazeal, D., 182 Brearly, M., 102 Breskin, S., 182 Bresnahan, T.F., 296 Bressand, A., 143 Brief, A.P., 176 Briggs, P., 26 Briner, R., 418 Brodbeck, F.C., 358 Brodner, P., 55, 57, 64 Brown, B., 322 Brown, C., 49, 161 Brown, J., 78, 293
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The design goal of being a sustainable, scalable digital repository (capable of holding the more than 10,000 pieces of digital content produced by MIT faculty and researchers each year) places heavy demands on ef cient searching and noti cation features. The metadata structure for DSpace can be illustrative of how a reasonably small and simple structure can meet very diverse and demanding requirements. Table 8.1 outlines the core terms and their quali ers, used to describe each archived item in the RDF metadata. We may note the heavy linkage to existing standards (institutional, national and international) for systematically identifying and classifying published intellectual works. Note also the reference to harvesting item metadata from other sources. From an architectural point of view, DSpace can be described as three layers:  Application. This top layer rests on the DSpace public API, and for example supports the Web user interface, metadata provision, and other services. Other Web and envisioned Federation services emanate from this API as well.
Note 224
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As we come to our last section, it s only appropriate that it encompass subject matter that really defies a single categorization. Here we have everything from hacking the human genome to the creation of a new hacker language (God help us). Brain implants, biometrics, and, of course, hacking people themselves through the fine art of social engineering. You can apply the concept of hacking just about anywhere and over the years at 2600 we ve seen so many new and imaginative applications. Why do I get the feeling that this is only the beginning
and then selling it for a profit. Trump often uses this strategy but without selling the whole building. For example, Trump will flip enough residential condo units in a building he has just completed to pay for the construction costs of the property and recoup his initial investment. However, if it s a good income-producing property, he will also keep some kind of an ownership interest and enjoy the income it produces. Keep in mind that when you sell, it is not essential to sell the property for all cash. Consider selling it on an installment basis under a land contract or take back a purchase money mortgage at a favorable rate of interest and earn profit for a longer term. When Trump bought the GM Building in New York City, it was the biggest fixer-upper I ever saw. This deal is discussed in detail in 6. He spent millions of dollars creating a new plaza area; a magnificent lobby; and state of the art elevators, electrical, HVAC, and other building systems. The completion of the improvements generated higher rental rates, which increased the building s value immensely. After only a few years of ownership, the increased rents enabled the building to be sold at a huge profit. These are things to consider when you create timelines: 1. Do I think my ownership of this project is short term (five years or less), or long term 2. Do I want to pass ownership of this real estate to my heirs 3. Do I intend to sell it without developing it (such as property bought for land banking) 4. Do I intend to develop it and then sell it 5. Can I afford to hold on to the property if the real estate market goes south for a few years and my rental income suffers 6. W hen am I going to be required to make expensive capital improvements 7. Does the property throw off a good income
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