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FIGURE 8.1 Sample physical architecture (F-22 Type A Spec) (from Reed [1993]).
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its partners. As will be seen, especially in the areas of liability and taxation, partnerships are very much collections of individuals, not separate entities. Ownership of partnership property is a particularly problematic area. All partners own an interest in the partnership, which entitles them to distributions of profit, much like stock in a corporation. This interest is the separate property of each partner and is attachable by the individual creditors of a partner in the form of a charging order. Each partner also owns the assets of the partnership jointly with his other partners. This form of ownership (similar to joint ownership of a family home by two spouses) is called tenancy in partnership. Each partner may use partnership assets only for the benefit of the partnership s business; such assets are exempt from attachment by the creditors of an individual partner, although not from the creditors of the partnership. Tenancy in partnership also implies that, in most cases of dissolution of a partnership, the ownership of partnership assets devolves to the remaining partners, to the exclusion of the partner who leaves in violation of the partnership agreement or dies. The former partner is left only with the right to a dissolution distribution in respect of her partnership interest.
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A friend of mine and I were sitting around his house one day trying to come up with a way to build a reasonable red box. I had built one with analog sine wave generators in the past, but it was difficult to adjust the frequency of the outputs and keep them accurate over time and with changes in temperature. The electronic project box I had assembled it in was bulky, hard to conceal, and definitely suspicious looking. My friend was playing with his calculator while I was wishing that we had the money and time to design a microprocessor-controlled device with its own custom PC board. After a while, he announced that he had an idea. He had been looking at a data sheet for a DTMF (Dual Tone MultiFrequency, a.k.a. touch tone) generator chip. He calculated the ratio of the coin tone frequencies of 1700 Hz and 2200 Hz to be 0.7727. He then went through all of the tone pairs used for DTMF calculating each of their , ratios. He discovered that the ratio of the tone pair used for * was very close to the ratio for the coin tone frequencies. This ratio, 941/1209=0.7783, differed from the coin tone ratio by less than one percent. What this meant was that since the tones generated by such a chip are digitally synthesized from a divider chain off of a reference crystal, if one changed the reference crystal to the right frequency, the coin tones would be generated instead of the DTMF *. Most DTMF chips use a TV color-burst crystal with a frequency of 3.579545 MHz. To determine the crystal frequency that would generate the coin tones, one would compute 3,579,545 / 941 * 1700 = 6,466,766; 3,579,545 / 1209 * 2200 = 6,513,647; (6,466,766 + 6,513,647) /2 = 6,490,206 MHz. Unfortunately, this is not a standard crystal value and getting custom crystals made is a real pain for the hobbyist. The closest standard frequency I could find was 6.5536 MHz. I tried a crystal of this value and it worked. (The actual frequencies produced by a DTMF generator chip depend on the particular manufacturer s design. The color-burst crystal s frequency is divided down to the DTMF tones by an integer divider chain. Because the color-burst crystal s frequency is not an integer multiple of the DTMF tones there will be a small difference in the frequencies produced from the standard.) When we first tried this, we were using one of Radio Shack s earliest tone dialers. It consisted of a DTMF generator chip only, and as such could not produce a sequence of tones automatically. Tones were generated as long and as fast as one could press the buttons. We were able to simulate nickels using this device but doing so was fairly slow and tedious. Because our manual timing was so far off of the mark, our attempts at producing dime or quarter signals were a miserable failure. A live operator would be instantly connected to the line whenever we tried it.
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