DWORD GetPhysicalAddrFromLinear(DWORD linear)
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Alternatives allow the expression of one of a set of alternative rule expansions. Alternatives are expressed with the <one-of> and <item> elements. Each <item> child of <one-of> contains an alternative rule expansion. For example: < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <grammar version="1.0" xmlns="" mode="voice" xml:lang="en-GB" root="pizza"> <rule id="pizza"> I want a hot <one-of> <item>pepperoni</item> <item>vegetarian</item> <item>cheese</item> </one-of> pizza </rule> </grammar> This grammar accepts more flexible input the following utterances match: I want a hot pepperoni pizza , I want a hot vegetarian pizza , I want a hot cheese pizza . Note that the content of the <item> element is itself a rule expansion and may therefore contain any legal rule expansion including sequences of tokens and more alternatives. Advanced grammars can assign weights to different alternatives. A weight is a multiplying factor in the likelihood domain of a speech recognition search.2 A value of 1.0 is equivalent to no weight. A value greater than 1.0 positively biases the alternative. A value less than 1.0 negatively biases the alternative. For example, we might augment the previous grammar to positively bias one of the alternatives that is known to have a significantly higher a priori occurrence:
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These funds invest in one country or region of the world. That kind of concentration makes them particularly volatile. If you pick the right country Japan in 1999, for example the returns can be substantial. The average Japan fund, according to Morningstar, returned a whopping 120 percent that year. But pick the wrong one, and watch out. Only the most daring investors should venture into this territory.
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secondary meaning is a short-term investor who buys or sells frequently in anticipation of a quick pro t. traditional health care Also known as traditional fee-for-service health care. It is most identi ed, relative to managed care, with freedom of choice for patients and physicians. Patients can choose whatever doctor they want to see, and doctors can choose to order whatever service they feel is necessary. After medical services are rendered, the health plan is billed, and the patient must pay the difference between what the doctor charges and what the health plan pays. Treasury bills (T-bills) Debt obligations of the U.S. Treasury that have maturities of one year or less. Maturities for T-bills are usually 91 days, 182 days, or 52 weeks. Unlike Treasury bonds and notes, which pay interest semiannually, Treasury bills are issued at a discount from their face value. Interest income from a Treasury bill is the difference between the purchase price and the Treasury bill s face value. Bills are issued in denominations of $1000. Treasury bonds (T-bonds) Debt obligations of the U.S. Treasury that have maturities of more than 10 years. Treasury bonds pay interest semiannually and can be purchased in minimum denominations of $1,000 or multiples thereof. For many years the 30-year Treasury bond was considered the benchmark bond in determining trends in interest rates. (It was replaced by the 10-year Treasury note.) It typically has a higher interest rate than
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<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:foaf=""> <foaf:Person> <foaf:name>H. Peter Alesso</foaf:name> <foaf:mbox rdf:resource=""/> </foaf:Person> </rdf:RDF>
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Re-using the simple DLG example from 5, a hyperlink relationship between just two pages in CG DF is shown in Figure 6.1. In CG LF, the equivalent relationship can be expressed in text in a variety of equivalent styles. Declaring it as a child relationship, we identify three concepts:
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veryone s favorite Dummies part, the Part of Tens. Here you nd 10 superb poker resources, 10 ways to keep your head (instead of losing it), 10 things people often do to screw up their Internet poker game, and 10 things to watch for when you take your Internet poker prowess to the dreaded brick-and-mortar world. Enjoy!
543 2,500 3,043 6,423 9,466 7,512 1,954 1,128 3,083 126.01% 6,990 30,000 36,990 76,599 113,590 90,141 23,449 13,541 36,990 126.01% 3.98% 13.36% 21.08% (175,500) (175,500) (175,500) Exit Price 1,350,000 1,510,000 1,600,000 392,490 23,449 23,449 Gain on Sale 180,000 340,000 430,000 33,965 33,965 Cap Rate 8.41% 8.63% 8.68% Annualized IRR 3 Yr Annualized IRR 5 Yr 599,692 40,217 44,736 733,740 IRR Annualized IRR 1 Yr 123.64% 59.61% 43.91% 18,594 30,000 48,594 75,512 124,105 90,141 33,965 14,629 48,594 137.68% 10.59% 19.35% 27.69% 26,021 30,000 56,021 74,337 130,358 90,141 40,217 15,804 56,021 144.62% 14.83% 22.92% 31.92% 31,810 30,000 61,810 73,068 134,877 90,141 44,736 17,073 61,810 149.63% 18.13% 25.49% 35.22% 37,192 30,000 67,192 71,697 138,889 90,141 48,748 18,444 67,192 154.08% 21.19% 27.78% 38.29%
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