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(Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Author(s): Carl Franklin ISBN: 0471314986 Publication Date: 02/01/99
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The policy must require that every payment and every transaction with outside parties is reflected on the books of the corporation promptly, accurately and in the normal financial reporting channels. The policy must absolutely prohibit bribes, payments for illegal acts, and legally proscribe political contributions. The policy must be specific and intelligible to people in the field who will have to operate within its bounds.23
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Transaction Management
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The first hedging decision is whether or not to hedge currency exposure at all. The decision of whether or not to hedge currency exposure is inf luenced, at least in part, by the attitude of management towards the risk associated with foreign-currency exposure. Other things equal, a highly risk-averse management will be more inclined to hedge some or all currency-related risk. Moreover, not all currency exposure is seen to be equal. Firms have different demands for hedging based upon whether the exposure has the potential to affect cash f lows and earnings, or simply the balance sheet. Finally, the materiality of currency exposure as well as expected movement in exchange rates will also inf luence the demand for hedging. Is Currency Exposure Material A common disclosure made by firms with currency exposure is the effect that a 10% change in exchange rates would have on results. For example, Titan International, Inc. has currency exposure from its net investment in foreign subsidiaries. Titan discloses the potential loss associated with an adverse movement in the exchange rates of these subsidiaries:
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