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buyers. Also, financial buyers often have an exit strategy to sell their investment at some time in the future. They usually pay fair market value (defined next). Strategic/investment buyers. These buyers probably already know the company or already operate in its industry. Therefore, the number of strategic buyers for a particular business is typically more limited than the market of financial buyers. A strategic buyer is usually looking at integrating its operations with the purchased business. Most of these buyers will pay a price that ref lects certain synergies that are not readily available to financial buyers. This price is called investment value, which is different than fair market value. The smallest of businesses, sometimes called mom and pop businesses, often have two other groups of buyers lifestyle buyers and buyers of employment. A lifestyle buyer is looking to acquire a business that gives him or her a desired lifestyle (e.g., a motel in the mountains). Another group of buyers of small businesses is primarily motivated to provide employment for the buyer and /or the family. Among strategic and financial buyers, strategic buyers will usually pay a higher price because of the anticipated synergies between the two businesses. After explaining the different types of buyers to Bob, Victoria discusses how it applies to ACME. Obviously, Bob would like to obtain the highest price possible if he sold his business. However, Victoria has no way to foresee who that buyer may be or that buyer s strategic motives for buying ACME. Therefore, she is going to determine what a financial buyer would likely pay the company s fair market value. Practically, determining the fair market value will assist Bob in establishing a target minimum price to accept when selling ACME. If Bob can locate a particular strategic buyer who would pay a strategic price (or investment value), he will try to obtain a higher price. Bob asks Victoria to explain fair market value and how it differs from investment value. She tells him that fair market value is defined as the price, expressed in terms of cash equivalents, at which property would change hands between a hypothetical willing and able buyer and a hypothetical willing and able seller, acting at arm s length in an open and unrestricted market, when neither is under compulsion to buy or sell and when both have reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. 1 Fair market value contemplates what the market will pay. Investment value is the price a specific investor would pay based on individual requirements and expectations. It frequently ref lects a higher price for the unique synergies between the buyer and company.
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The ID cards that are used are your standard ANSI CR-80 mag stripe cards. They are made of PVC and are 2.125 by 3.375 inches. They are made on site at the college s card station, and normally have a photo ID on them. A 300-dpi photo printer is used and the company recommended by Blackboard is Polaroid (just like the printers at the DMV). The magnetic stripe on the card is a Standard American Banker Association (ABA) Track 2. Any card reader/capture tool can read these cards. The cards are encoded
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Child endangerment Trips and falls Fire safety
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is such that the outermost layer is complete (as with the seven-robots hexagon depicted in the middle of Fig. 7.8). Each robot starts by dropping one sensor at its position; then the whole group of robots shifts in one direction, and starts a circular (or more precisely, a hexagonal) course around the already deployed sensors, dropping new sensors along their way. This process repeats until all sensors have been deployed. Note that each circumvolution can deploy several layers, depending on the group diameter. Let us call frontier robots the robots that are located in the front/head of the group with respect to the current direction (i.e., robots 2, 1, and 6 on the hexagon representing the group after the initial shift). Frontier robots are those in charge of dropping their sensors when they encounter an empty virtual vertex of the tessellation. Whenever the group arrives at a corner of the hexagon, the frontier nodes change according to the new direction (in the same example, the new frontier robots after the rst corner has been reached will be robots 1, 6, and 5). If the frontier robots run out of sensors at some point, the second layer of robots (e.g., 5, 0, and 3 between Corner 0 and Corner 1) will take over the task. It is however expected that a reorganization of the robots within the group may be required in some situations, especially if the initial supply in sensor is not uniform among robots. The problem becomes more complex when the number of robots does not correspond to a perfect hexagon. Some sketches of solutions given in Li (2009) are depicted on Figures 7.9a and 7.9b. The rst picture corresponds to the case where the outermost layer contains only one robot. It is suggested that robots in the inner hexagons behave as previously, while the robot in the outermost layer rotates around the group when a corner is encountered (this robot is expected to be relatively quickly depleted in sensors, thereby forcing more frequent reorganizations of the group). The second picture corresponds to cases where the outermost hexagon contains more than one robot. In this case, the robot team is to move using a different pattern. Here the team is a hexagon with two robots on the sides of the frontier. The other extra robots can be placed around the core, for example, at the positions marked by empty circles. As for the previous case, the outer robots will have to move within the group when a corner is encountered.
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When any of these events occur, a recompete should be considered, but a full vendor selection as outlined later in this chapter should not necessarily be completed. Exhibit 16.5 shows a decision tree for deciding whether to recompete. The first step should be an economic analysis to determine the expected value to be created by recompeting the contract. The benefits of recompeting should include: The difference between the present value of all the expected expenditures from a new vendor and the present value of all the expected expenditures from the current vendor Other decreased internal costs (e.g., maintenance, management, training) Increased revenue Improved control over the business (reduced risk) In many cases, there are significant switching costs associated with changing a vendor. The costs should include all costs involved with switching between the original vendor and a new vendor. Examples of these costs include, but are not limited to: Time and resources to be expended in a new vendor selection process Any mandatory close-out costs dictated in the current contract
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