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Now modifying the code page Linear:00036F60 KRNL386 DGROUP First code page First data page Shared section Resources Process Heap Environment area Current Stack page Memory Mapped file KERNEL32.DLL // // Second instance output: // Linear:00401000 Linear:00408000 Linear:0040B000 Linear:0040D088 Linear:00410000 Linear:00520000 Linear:0063F000 Linear:8233A000 Linear:BFFAF09C
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Fig. 13.3 Systemic hemodynamics during normal pregnancy. Data from Bonica & McDonald (1994).
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Cellular Fraud Bust
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One way or another, IGetProcAddress gets hold of an HMODULE and an export ordinal of a function within that HMODULE. It then scans through the entry table of the module, looking for the entry that belongs to the specified export ordinal. The export entry will then contain the information necessary to
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3. Consumer choice is paramount. 4. Practitioners have a collaborative stance toward consumers. 5. Practitioners convey respect to consumers at all times. Although these values are common among PSR approaches, it is important to iterate them in the context of an educational /skills training approach, in which it is tempting for practitioners to slip into an expert role with consumers and dampen their sense of self-determination and control. Where and How Deployed Illness management and SST interventions have a lot of flexibility built in and can be deployed in a wide array of settings, from inpatient settings, to outpatient clinics, to PSR program sites. In addition, individual and group formats can be used. Strengths and Weaknesses Perhaps the greatest strength of IM and SST interventions is their flexibility. In addition, the guidelines described by Gingerich and Mueser and those presented in other sources cited earlier provide a level of detail that makes these interventions easy to adopt. Although studies increasingly use diverse populations, both demographically and clinically, many use inclusion /exclusion criteria that may limit the generalizability of IM and SST outcomes. Contraindications for Use Consumers tend to benefit from IM and SST interventions. However, a medication-focused psychoeducational program researched by Owens et al. (2001) found that it increased insight into illness but also made people more suicidal, suggesting that educational approaches need to be delivered within the context of a broader IM or PSR approach, which provides individualized support and instills a sense of hope for accomplishing personal goals. SST and IM approaches with an overemphasis on the illness aspects of psychiatric disability may not be very hopeinspiring (see Read & Harr , 2001; Read & Law, 1999). Kopelowicz et al. (2002) emphasized the fact that when people are severely distressed, they often cannot attend to and learn from instruction and practice in social skills training. When working with actively distressed persons, practitioners should use techniques developed to help engage persons in distress (e.g., Kopelowicz et al., 1998).
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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 2003 Annual Report, p. 52.
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