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In Win16, the memory of all programs and DLLs is accessible to all other programs and DLLs. (Win16 uses the same local descriptor table for all processes.) As a result, it's very easy to share memory between multiple processes: You simply arrange for two or more programs to get hold of the same selector. Despite Microsoft's dire warnings, using the GMEM_SHARE attribute when allocating memory isn't a requirement in Win16.
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Source: Securities and Exchange Commission, 2001 and 2002 Annual Report (Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2001, 2002).
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It's pretty obvious that the address BFFD44D0h holds a global variable called SystemDefaultLangID (or something to that effect). And since KERNEL32.DLL has a unique base address in the linear address space, the SystemDefaultLangID variable will always be at address BFFD44D0h. Wouldn't it be great if you could tell your system debugger this fact and have it automatically replace the address "BFFD44D0h" with "SystemDefaultLangID" in its disassembly I thought so, too, so I wrote the VAR2MAP program.
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TABLE 5-4. RDF and RDFS Properties Property Name
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Pseudocode for GlobalUnlock
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// Make sure that the hHeap is valid. A heap handle is just a // pointer to the beginning of the heap area. AL = *(PBYTE)hHeap; AL = *(PBYTE)(hHeap + OxD=);
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Performance areas client centered services
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Figure 8-9
and 1024 bits. The procedures for exchange of authentication keys for preshared key authentication and public keys for RSA algorithms are not rigorously speci ed. Either AP or MT can authenticate, thus extending the authentication mechanism to ad hoc con guration. Data encryption is done by using DES standard, and optionally 3DES.
That was the trigger. The four got kinda curious about all that, and we started looking into it when we got back home, Alex says, warming up to the vivid memories of that creative phase. It took only a little while for the research to support what they already suspected. Yeah, they re computer programs basically. So then we were interested in, was there some way that you could crack these machines There were people who had beaten the slot machines by replacing the firmware getting to the computer chip inside a machine and substituting the programming for a version that would provide much more attractive payoffs than the casino intended. Other teams had done that, but it seemed to require conspiring with a casino employee, and not just any employee but one of the slot machine techies. To Alex and his buddies, swapping ROMs would have been like hitting an old lady over the head and taking her purse. They figured if they were going to try this, it would be as a challenge to their programming skills and their intellects. And besides, they had no advanced talents in social engineering; they were computer guys, lacking any knowledge of how you sidle up to a casino employee and propose that he join you in a little scheme to take some money that doesn t belong to you. But how would they begin to tackle the problem Alex explained: We were wondering if we could actually predict something about the sequence of the cards. Or maybe we could find a back door [software code allowing later unauthorized access to the program] that some programmer may have put in for his own benefit. All programs are written by programmers, and programmers are
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