N-Tier/Web Service orientation
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The REASON entity provides standard explanations of the variance to the inventory item's on-hand amount. Possible values may be "theft," "shrinkage," "unknown variance," and "ruined goods." The comment attribute in the INVENTORY ITEM VARIANCE allows additional non-standard explanations. For example, if the enterprise discovered that there was a loss of inventory items due to theft, it can record the date the theft was discovered, the amount of the product that was stolen, and the specific details behind the theft. This serves as an audit trail to account for any changes to the product's on-hand quantity resulting from transactions other than incoming and outgoing shipments.
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Some organizations are smart users of professional services firms, others rarely use external vendors, and still others squeeze services companies at every opportunity. The type of organization you are dealing with will dictate your strategy to some extent. Regardless, maintaining a focus on the long view is imperative. No matter what sector your firm competes in, it s a small world and people have long memories, says Jim Jonassen of Riviera Partners. If you give away the farm today, people will remember and expect the same treatment the next time around, which could be a month, a year, or five years later. It s a tough position to retreat from. That s not to say you can t reposition or make smart concessions, though, and the firm should consider a variety of factors in pricing engagements or work including: Establishing a relationship: If you re looking to establish a relationship with a new client who is in your firm s sweet spot and has considerable potential, get creative. You can deliver on the project at a fixed rate that you know will fall short of desired profit margins, but you ve inserted your firm at the hourly rate you are seeking. Or adjust the fee to weigh it more heavily on success criteria, such as project milestones, which will make the client feel better about the deal. Other options are virtually limitless: taking equity in lieu of cash, providing guarantees, reconfiguring payment terms, bartering, and so on. Reducing scope: Most proposals include at least a couple of nice to have deliverables. And most client organizations can offer some level of assistance with a project. These two approaches can be used to reduce the scope of the services delivered and, oftentimes, reduce the cost of the project. Never reduce fees without some kind of commensurate concession by the prospect; it s bad business and will negatively affect your reputation. When you ve pursued all of your options and still can t arrive at agreeable terms, the writing is on the wall and you need to demonstrate the courage to walk away. It s not easy, but if done professionally, you can maintain the relationship and continue to mine it for future opportunities. After all, different tools are appropriate for different jobs. Firms are often hired by companies that passed them by during a previous vendor selection process because of rate sensitivity or another reason.
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Artist s impression of a futuristic nanorobot.
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Only professional computer room cleaning agencies should do the cleaning during this phase of the schedule. This type of cleaning should be done at least three to four times per year depending on the amount of traffic in the server room. All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, including racks, shelves, equipment, cupboards, and ledges. Ensure that any high ledges and light fixtures that attract large amounts of contaminants get cleaned thoroughly. If there are any windows, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. Any doors or glass partitions should also be treated in this phase. Settled contaminants should be cleaned from all exterior hardware surfaces. The computer s air intake and exhaust grilles should be cleaned as well. Using wipes for this type of cleaning is not recommended; a low powered source of compressed air is more suited for this type of cleaning. Keyboards, and other input devices should also be cleaned. Monitors should be cleaned with optical cleansers and static-free wipes or cloths. Be sure that the company uses appropriate cleaning materials. There are special dust cloths treated with particle absorbent materials that are specially designed for this type of application.
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As we move into an era of open network systems, some of the promising, but too early, Internet concepts will take hold again to extract value from the wireless broadband ecosystem. The application service provider (ASP) business model that was gathering much momentum before the Internet bubble burst in year 2000 will be augmented by its more recent progeny, software as (a) service (SAS). In the SAS model, whole business processes can be outsourced to third parties, hosted off-site with no distance sensitivity, leveraging software interfaces and applications to automate the process. The arrival of the true broadband wired and wireless Internet is legitimizing many of the earlier failed visions that were anticipated to revolutionize computing and network communications. The so-called network computer proposal by Oracle, which was essentially a diskless PC, was rendered essentially pointless under the context of the immature broadband network, as the limitations of the access bandwidth of those (circa 1996) times simply rendered the whole concept impractical. As the ubiquitous wireless broadband Internet comes online, many of these old ideas will be resurrected and implemented within the framework of the new low cost broadband service offerings. How and by which players the disruptive aspects of all the new low cost access capacity will be tolerated, resisted, or assimilated will identify the most likely winners and losers among the service providers facing these challenges to their historical way of doing business. Subscribers are going to be seeking services that match directly to their personal requirements and have limited time or tolerance for nonresponsive service providers. Failure to embrace open and adaptable service delivery platforms will be the death knell of legacy players who simply cannot adapt fast enough to the realities of the new generations. User-Controlled Real-Time Carrier or Service Provider Churn. As users gain control over their platforms, their ability to load and run the speci c applications that they want to run and to reach any content hosts that are on the Web will lead to another new by-product of the mobile user empowerment movement. The authors anticipate that users will develop preferences among a plethora of content and applications providers and that they will revolutionize the concept of churn to re ect real-time choices made by users to switch from one service provider to another in search of their favorite source for a given type of content (e.g., VoIP, movies, or music). The industry will also be exposed to the power of the auction market wherein the authors anticipate that there will be
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Call co-signers
Although at rst sight the lean-to part of some roofs may not be the most attractive to consider for conversion, it is often worthy of closer examination. To provide additional smaller room accommodation, the lean-to may well be one of the simplest roof voids to convert to attic accommodation (see Fig. 9.8).
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