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The Changing of the Telephone
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Trussed rafters are designed to carry simply the direct load imposed upon them. It is assumed that they are to be kept upright by other members, these members being the binders and diagonal bracing and even the tile batten vital to the overall stability of the roof. Whilst most trussed rafters are used for roofs of housing, their use is increasing for roofs of public buildings, commercial buildings and to a lesser extent for industrial and agricultural buildings. Clear spans in excess of 30 m can be achieved with lightweight roof coverings. When rst introduced into the UK, the designs were limited to those contained in standard design manuals, thus the duo pitch and mono pitched roofs were common but more complex roofs needed individual designs prepared. The advent of the computer both speeded up and dramatically reduced the cost of the design process, and this has been further advanced by the use of microcomputers installed in all trussed rafter manufacturers of ces. There are now almost no limitations to the possible shape of trussed rafters, except those imposed by the practicality of production and
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