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It would be a misconception to believe the possibility of fraud is the only reason for establishing a chartered audit committee. While the primary role has been to oversee management s financial and reporting responsibilities, it is only one task. Nevertheless, the Treadway Commission s investigations indicated that audit committees could serve very effectively to reduce the incidence of fraud. When fraudulent financial reporting did occur despite the existence of an audit committee, the following important points in the audit committee s charter often had been omitted:
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ficult it may be to correct it, since additional code may be built on top of it. Correcting the defect at this point may have much larger implications on the software than when it was originally discovered. Defect Fix Retest = Date defect was fixed/released in new build subtracted from date defect was entered or retested and failed. The defect fix retest metric provides a measure of whether the test team is retesting the corrections at an adequate rate. If defects that have been fixed are not retested adequately and efficiently, this can hold up progress, since the developer cannot be assured that their fix has not introduced a new defect, or has not been properly corrected. This last point is especially important: Code that is being developed with the assumption that the previous code has been fixed now will have to be reworked. If defects are not being retested quickly enough, the testing team has to be reminded of the importance of re-testing fixes, so developers can move forward, knowing their fix has passed the test. Defect Trend Analysis = Number total defects found versus testing life cycle Defect trend analysis can help determine the trend of defects found. Is the trend improving as the system-testing phase is nearing completion, or is the trend worsening This metric is closely related to newly opened defects discussed below. The newly opened defects should decline as the system testing phase nears the end; otherwise, it might be an indicator of a severely flawed system. If the number of defects found is increasing with each subsequent test release, assuming no new functionality is being delivered, and the same code is being tested, only with code fixes, it could be indicative of numerous problems, such as:
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Notice that ai 1 depends solely on Ri 1 . Thus, once Ri 1 is known, we can compute wi by Eq. 6.16. As Ri 1 can be determined immediately from Ri 1 = wi 1 + Ri 2 , it turns out that wi can be computed iteratively. That is, we compute w2 rst, and then w3 , and afterwards w4 , and so on. The resulting wi is a function of R1 . We also have 1 i q wi = R. Hence, the value of q is also determined during the iteration when total width R is reached. Balanced energy usage (E(1) = E(2) = = E(q)) is not achievable for = 2, regardless of values R, rc , and c. Details about the derivation of this negative result can be found in Olariu and Stojmenovic (2006). Note that energy balancing with adjusted transmission radii here assumed that each hop has the length equal to corresponding annuli width wi . Such routing corresponds to routing along a straight line with sensors being available at desired locations. Naturally, high density of sensors are necessary to make use of this assumption, but even that may not be suf cient for energy balancing. Olariu and Stojmenovic (2006) were unable to actually design a data gathering scheme that will reasonably balance energy based on theoretical ndings. Therefore this remains an open problem.
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:u 1457:140 1457:00000140 1457:00000146 1457:0000014C PUSH PUSH JMP 00401DFA 00030000 0127:7555 : A 32 bit WNDPROC address.
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There are at least ve ways to describe the members of a set. 1. A is the set of elements, x, that satis es the property (or predicate), p(x). A={x|p(x) is true} (braces are the common delimiter of a set s de nition). The property p(x) must be well-de ned, that is, able to be determined by means of rules. One test of such a property is called the
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Pop Culture and the Hacker World
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fury of group discussion is over, you may find that as much as 80 percent of your document remains as you wrote it.) Dealing with Change The statement of work is a tool for managing expectations and dealing with change. Should there be disagreements once the project has started, these can often be solved by simply reviewing the original SOW. It is also true that the original agreements and assumptions may change during the course of a project. In this case, all stakeholders must understand and agree to these changes, and the project manager must write them into the SOW. The SOW that remains at the end of the project may be very different from the original document. The amount of this difference is not important; what is important is that everyone has been kept up-to-date and has agreed to the changes. RESPONSIBILITY MATRIX A statement of work answers many questions about a project, including the purpose, scope, deliverables, and chain of command. There is, however, a need for another document that precisely details 58 TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
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Checking disk space
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144 kbps (vehicular), 384 (suburban) 2 Mbps (Indoor)
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right off the top, although this is an expense that will not be incurred unless the offering is successful; certain other significant expenses, particularly legal fees, accounting fees, printing fees, filing fees, and miscellaneous out of pocket fees, must be paid even if the transaction is not successful. Expenses in this size of proposed IPO could approximate $1 million. Once the company is public, it will be subject to public scrutiny, must make periodic filings with the SEC, and will incur an overhead in dealing with the public which does not now exist. There will be public pressure to achieve short-term growth on sales and profitability so as to sustain and advance the stock price, and these pressures will affect strategic decisions made by management which might otherwise be based on a long-range product-driven strategy. Management and the directors can incur personal liability in connection with a public offering, if it is ultimately determined that the prospectus is materially false or misleading, causing a decline in the value of investor shares (although certain protections from this risk can be obtained by the company s purchase of directors and officers [D&O] insurance). The vote is taken. With some trepidation, the board decides to attempt a public offering, or IPO, of its shares of common stock as quickly as possible. A team of two directors and three members of management is established to pursue that result.
s I write this, the United States is preparing to fight its first war against terrorism. It s not a new kind of war, but it s new for us. We have big armies, big weapons, and tactics that are designed for use against other big armies with big weapons. That stuff works against such enemies, sometimes spectacularly. (We defeated the Iraqi armed forces and forced them out of Kuwait in 1991 at a cost of fewer than 100 American lives.) That approach doesn t work so well against enemies who are scattered among a population of innocents (including our own people and our friends all over the world), who strike against undefended civilians (not military targets), and whose goals are about jihad capturing souls, not territory or markets. Guerrilla wars have been won the British won in Malaysia in the 1950s, for example but this is a terrorist war. A terrorist war has never been won by any nation, if won means that the enemy surrenders or is destroyed and never troubles the victor again. Some governments Syria, Egypt, and France among them have succeeded in reducing terrorist activity within their borders to very low levels, mostly via systematic, brutal reprisals against terrorists and the communities that support them including, in some cases, entire families. The Israelis succeeded in destroying Black September, but certainly didn t succeed in ending terrorism against Israel. We ve been attacked by an army of terrorists, and we ve announced our intention to strike back with the full might of the world s largest Engineered Society. We may not succeed. The British have been trying to
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