Introduction to Multifamily Ownership in .NET

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One of the benefits of having this kind of framework in Visual Basic is that you can easily make your ODBC datasources (or any other data access source) accessible via the Internet. The CFServer application connects to a local ODBC datasource. cfSockClient connects to CFServer (with password protection, of course) and sends a SQL query. The server receives the query and queries the datasource. The resulting data set is then returned to your application through cfSockClient. Using the event procedure outlined in the previous section, you can write code on the server to update all clients when the data they are viewing has changed. This is especially important in network-based client/server applications where the latest data must be accessible at all times. My remote ODBC code uses the cfSockClient object and an enhanced version of the CFServer application. In that regard, you already know how it works if you read this chapter. The ODBCServ project looks exactly like the Server project, except that it uses a modified version of cfserver.bas, called odbcsrv.bas. This file contains an extended ProcessCommand procedure. The ODBCServ project also includes declares for the ODBC API, which is used to talk to the database. There are a couple of new commands added to ProcessCommand: ODBC_OPEN, ODBC_QUERY, and ODBC_CLOSE. ODBC_OPEN This command opens a data source on the server. Just as with opening a local database, there are three arguments: Argument: Example: -------------------------------------------------------------------------Datasource Name User ID MyDataSource John Smith
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Let a 2 and n 55. Clearly, a and n are relatively prime. Furthermore, since 55 is the product of the two primes, 5 and 11, we obtain
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return retValue:
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This is called adaptive load balancing. Up to eight 100 Mbps adapters can be linked to increase bandwidth up to 800 Mbps. If Gigabit Ethernet links are being used, it could increase bandwidth to 8 Gbps.
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John says, On the other hand, meaning is the essence of language and that can only be acquired in social context, namely, semantics. Mary said, Well, how would you tell whether another human was thinking We can t assess each others mental states. We must judge on the basis of that person s behavior. I say something, you respond. After a while I decide that you are a thinking being. John said, Thanks. From my perspective thinking requires mental states and human life. And meaning comes from the participation in life s experience. Mary said, A computer changing symbols on a tape into new symbols is exactly the same kind of process that the human brain goes through in the process of thinking when it causes changes in synaptic patterns of the brain. John said, So you argue, but what distinguishes humans is our ability to use language to express new thoughts and communicate. Mary said, Do you conclude that to duplicate human thought it will be necessary for a machine to duplicate human language John said, Now there s a thought. To pass the Turing Test, a computer must acquire language capability.
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1: Creating a Winning Combination
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// HWND16s are always >= 0x80.
The <submit> element is used to submit information to the web server using the HTTP methods GET or POST (see also Appendix C, located on the Web at In a typical application, information collected from the user is submitted to the application server where server-side logic implementing business rules will act on the data and return a new VoiceXML document. For example, information sent to the application server might be used to lookup information in a database; that information could be inserted into a <prompt> in a new VoiceXML document returned in the HTTP response. The next attribute on <submit> is used to indicate the URI which will accept the information and return a new VoiceXML document. The expr attribute is equivalent to the next attribute except that it specifies the name of an ECMAScript variable that evaluates to the URI. The namelist attribute on <submit> specifies a space-delimited list of variables, the names and values of which are to be sent to the application server via HTTP. How this information is encoded in the HTTP request depends on the value of the method attribute on <submit>. A value of get indicates that the namelist
Msg = Format$(Trim$(Str$(Article.Lines)), @@@@@@@ ) & & News.Socket.SuperTrim(Article.Subject)
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