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12.5.1. WirelessMAN Station Types The WMAN de nes two types of stations, a base station (BS) and a subscriber s station (SS). Base Station (BS). The base station controls and manages the connection. It sends data on the downlink in channels allocated to various subscribers. A base station can cover multiple cells (sectors) with the help of sectored antennas. In a point-to-multipoint (PMP) con guration, the downlink is multipoint. Each base station is con gured with a 48-bit MAC address. The rst 24 bits of this address identify the operator. Subscriber s Station (SS). A subscriber s station is a terminal that communicates with the base station (BS). It sends data on the uplink, which is point-to-point in a PMP network con guration and either point-topoint or point-to-multipoint in a mesh topology. All SSs within the same sector and frequency channel receive the same downlink information. The 48-bit IEEE 802 MAC address uniquely identi es a SS. An SS could be a packet data or multimedia terminal with a range of transmission rate capabilities. 12.5.2. Network Topologies The WMAN has a point-to-multipoint (PMP) con gurations, in which a BS can send data and control information to many SSs while an SS can communicate to BS through the allocated or contention based resources. In the optional mesh topology of eWMAN, SSs can communicate directly, thus paving the way for multihop communications. Figures 12-6 and 12-7 show the two topologies. In addition to the simpli ed Figures 12-6 and 12-7 layouts, the 802.16 network has many other potential applications. As mentioned in [12], these applications range from fractional T1 carrier for small businesses, DSL to residential and home of ces, full T1 for businesses, backhaul network for cellular systems and wireless backhaul for a constellation of Wi-Fi hotspots. The cell radius could vary anywhere from one km to more than 10 km, depending on the carrier frequency.
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// Make sure we don't already have the Krn32Mutex or Win16Mutex. x_CheckNotSysLevel_Krn32_Win16_mutex(); // Function that emits function names and parameters to the KERNEL // debugger if a KERNEL32 global x_LogKernelFunction( EnterMustComplete(); if ( lpNumberOfBytesWritten ) *lpNumberOfBytesWritten = 0; number variable is TRUE (off by default). ); indicating the WriteProcessMemory function
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Lower- versus Higher-Energy Density
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Why Won t They Leave Me Alone
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SMTP Commands (MAIL)
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Blind transfer differs from bridge transfer in that the caller is redirected to the callee and the platform drops out of the call see Figure 16.5. As a consequence, the caller cannot return to the VoiceXML platform after the transfer has ended. Blind transfer is more efficient than bridge transfer because the VoiceXML platform is relinquished from the call and does not usurp two separate call legs for the duration of the transfer. Blind transfer suffers from one major disadvantage: the platform redirects the call unconditionally and cannot recover the call if the transfer attempt fails.
HeapDestroy is just a parameter validation layer stub. The function that destroys a Win32 heap is in IHeapDestroy. The only validation that HeapDestroy does is the standard (bogus) hHeap validation: Does the heap handle point to a region of memory that's at least 0xD0 bytes long
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