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Fig. 12.1 Basic requirements of an attic.
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be laid and run throughout a room or house and remain undetected indefinitely. A fine wire-laying tool is used to spool the wire, as it is laid. This wire can be placed into cracks in the floorboard and under carpet, as well as behind moldings. After laying, a small amount of silicone or beeswax is used to hold the fine wires in place. Advanced fine wire kits utilize a three wire system, where two of the wires are intertwined and the third is run alongside. This eliminates any RF emission from the wire, making it extremely difficult to detect. Hookswitch Bypass: This is an old but very effective technique to monitor room audio by bypassing or shorting out the hang-up switch on a telephone receiver making the phone hot-on-hook. The room audio can then be monitored by simply tapping into the subject s telephone wire pair. Telephone Line Microphone: This method is similar to the hidden wire-line technique. Only the telephone equipment is used to hide and transmit the room audio. A simple electret microphone could be placed inside a modular phone jack, or perhaps connected somewhere along the line in the target s room, picking up all of the room sounds, when the telephone is not in use. The listening post then taps into the subject s wire pair. A specialized audio filter is then used to strip off the dial tone. Coaxial Cable Microphone: This device consists of a microphone placed onto a television coaxial cable. This method is subject to interference, and there are much better methods discussed later in this article.
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