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40 Wall Street
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The hacks in this chapter were trivial. based on taking advantage of the companies poor password security, and vulnerable CGI scripts. While many people even people knowledgeable about computer security
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The 1990s: The World Discovers Hackers
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Roof Construction and Loft Conversion
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Part II Configuration
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Conditional strings You can get different strings based on some condition by using the substring() function to pick different parts of a string. It's perhaps easiest to start with either getting a whole string or getting none of the string, for example to choose whether to add the ' and ' to the string giving the account holder names. In this case, if joint is true (if there's a joint element child of the context node) then you want the string ' and '; if it isn't, then you don't. So the substring that you want starts from the first character if joint is true and after the last character if joint is false. Here, you need a function that maps 0 to Infinity (no string can be longer than that!) and 1 to 1:
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Access control systems provide protection for people and property by means of a personalized electronic token or key card. Persons can be identified, tracked, located, and granted or denied access into restricted areas based upon their access levels. These systems have central management software that performs various levels of reporting. These systems enable you to control access to entry and exit points in your server room or other restricted computer areas. Typically, a user will use a magnetic swipe card, a PIN number, or both for verification. These systems can: Establish different access security levels for different locations. Automatically change access requirements to reflect security changes based on the time of day or day of the week. Automatically generate daily or weekly reports. Perform event monitoring. Manage multiple locations. A typical access control system consists of a central processing unit, which monitors and controls the operations of the system; a control unit device where programmed data is stored and desired access is checked for authorization; and an access control reader, which is the most visible part of the system. The reader converts the physical coding of the identification data carrier or cards into electrical signals and directs them to this control unit.
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See the description in the preceding section.
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If you select using the descendant axis, you end up testing every node under the context node. Usually, this is a lot less efficient than stepping down to the nodes you're interested in using the child axis for each step. Note You can think of using multiple child steps rather than a single descendant step as a means of narrowing the search for the nodes that you're after to a particular branch of the node tree. The earlier that you can narrow the search, the fewer nodes that the processor will have to visit, and the more efficient the search will be. The same does not hold true of replacing a single ancestor step with multiple parent steps, on the other hand, because searching for an ancestor involves examining a list of nodes rather than a tree. Patterns use steps as well, but rather than working through the path from left to right, journeying down the tree to select a node, patterns work through the path from right to left, taking a node and seeing whether it matches the pattern at each step. Consider the preceding XPath as a pattern rather than an expression:
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Work Requirement and Work Efforts
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Ontology De ned
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As described earlier in this chapter, a simplified stylesheet can consist of a literal result element with XSLT instructions embedded within it. Following is the simplified stylesheet that's equivalent to the preceding page template:
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