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Examples of Deployed Systems
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 Bottom-up analysis. The affected systems and necessary technol-
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Now, an Emmy-winning network-TV series, Will and Grace, depicts homosexuals weekly as slightly-funnier-than-ordinary people with jobs, friends, and more or less normally conf licted relationships that happen to be homosexual. A Lost and Lonely value system transforms into a Network Army scenario when the Lost and Lonely recognize that they have greater mass than they knew. They then stop hiding and begin to take communal action to change their lives for the better. Heavy information f lows in the World Without Secrets feed these transformations by connecting the Lost
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Figure 9.2: The TCP three-way handshake. To understand TCP connection establishment, you should study TCP traffic with a protocol analyzer. To help you learn what to expect, the next few figures show some TCP packets captured with the Wild Packets EtherPeek analyzer. Figure 9.3 shows the TCP header for the first TCP packet that was generated when a client running a Web browser displayed a Web page from a Web server. The figure shows the first segment in the three-way handshake.
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For an input of I want to fly from Dublin to Paris , the resulting rule variable of the root rule evaluates to: { travel: { orig: Dublin, dest: Paris } } Using the preceding rules, the NLSML result will be similar to the following: < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <result xmlns="" grammar=""> <interpretation confidence="0.93"> <input mode="speech"> I want to fly from Dublin to Paris </input> <instance>
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Olympic Textbook of Medicine in Sport, Edited by M. Schwellnus. 2008 International Olympic Committee. ISBN: 978-1-4051-5637-0.
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100 Mbps NIC Card
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(8) The amount of the acquiree s profit or loss since acquisition that has been included in the acquirer s profit or loss for the period, unless this is, again, impracticable (9) The revenue of the combined entity for the period, as if the combination had occurred at the beginning of that period (10) The profit or loss of the combined entity for the period as if the combination had been effected at the beginning of the period 10. RECENT AMENDMENTS TO IFRS 3 EFFECTIVE FOR ANNUAL PERIODS BEGINNING ON OR AFTER JULY 1, 2009 10.1 On January 8, 2008, the IASB published revised IFRS 3 and IAS 27. The revised IASB standards were the result of a joint project with the US Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). FASB also issued similar standards in December 2007 (SFAS 141[R] and SFAS 160). It is interesting to note, that while these revised IASB standards were born out of the IASB s joint convergence project with the FASB, there still remain a few fundamental differences between the revised FASB standard, SFAS 141(R), and the revised IFRS 3, for instance, while it is an option under the revised IFRS 3 to use the full goodwill method (explained later) the FASB standard, SFAS 141(R), requires it (as opposed to permitting it). 10.2 IFRS 3 (revised 2008) has significantly enhanced the use of fair values (involving grater input from valuation experts). This revised Standard has introduced the requirement of recognizing change in control as a significant economic event requiring (or triggering) remeasuring interests to fair value at the time when control is achieved or lost and recognizing in equity all transactions between controlling and noncontrolling shareholders not involving a loss of control. It also focuses on what is given to the seller as consideration as opposed to what is spent on achieving acquisition. 10.3 Set out below is an overview of the major amendments to IFRS 3. 1. Acquisition-related costs. While costs associated with issuance of debt or equity instruments are accounted for under IAS 39, all other costs of acquisition (i.e., finder s fees, legal, and advisory costs and general and administrative costs, including the cost of maintaining an in-house acquisitions department) must be expensed; this includes reimbursements to the acquiree for bearing some of the cost of acquisition. 2. Step acquisitions. Business combination requiring acquisition accounting is triggered only at the point of attaining control in the acquiree. It has different implications depending upon whether the acquirer has a preexisting equity interest in the acquiree (in which case, prior to attaining control in the acquiree, the equity interest in the acquiree may be accounted for either as a financial asset in accordance with IAS 39, or as an associate under IAS 28, or as a joint venture under IAS 31, as appropriate), subsequently, upon further increase in equity interest in the acquiree in stages, once the equity ownership in the acquiree reaches the (trigger) point when control is achieved, the acquirer must remeasure its previously held equity interest in the acquiree at fair value on the acquisition date and recognize the resulting gain or loss, if any, in profit or loss. Once control is attained in the acquiree, all further increases and decreases in equity interests are treated as transactions among equity holders and reported within equity (neither goodwill arises on any increase in equity interest, nor is any gain or loss recognized on any decrease in equity interest). 3. Noncontrolling interest (under the existing version of IFRS 3 referred to as minority interest ). In a much talked-about departure from its earlier stand taken in the Exposure Draft on this subject, the ASB issued IFRS 3 (revised 2008) allowing an option, available on a transaction-by-transaction basis, to measure any noncontrolling interest (NCI) in the acquiree either at fair value or at the NCI s proportionate share of the net identifiable assets of the entity acquired. (In the current version of IFRS 3 the latter treatment corresponds to the measurement basis.) 4. Contingent consideration payable on business combination. All consideration for the acquisition must be measured at fair value and that includes contingent consideration payable. Once recognized, IFRS 3 (revised 2008), permits a few changes to this measurement as a result of any postacquisition events unless those result from addi-
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Data Warehouse Data Model Tables and Columns
A feature in April s 2600 noted that Allnet would give customers five bucks credit if they persuaded a friend to sign up for Allnet s equal access service. If you recall, this pyramid scheme was a wee bit deceiving the friend would need to designate Allnet as their primary carrier. April must have surely been a good month for promotional creativity over at Allnet: I ended up with Allnet as my primary carrier, without my consent!!! This tale begins in February, shortly after I had started a new job. Part of my job requirement is to spend some time on the phone talking to clients, etc., in the evenings. Since these calls would be reimbursed by my company, I decided to use another long-distance carrier to make accounting easier. At random, I chose Allnet. This was to be a stopgap measure until I had received my MCI Cards (TM).
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